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Things Every Bride-to-be should Do before Finalizing her Bridal Makeup Artist

Simran Keswani , 27 Feb 2018

Makeup artist of your wedding is nothing less than a wizard, somebody who turns the creature into a goddess with a magic wand. And although she is there to make your day much much easier, the success of makeover doesn't merely lie in her talent but the relationship between MUA and her client. Sure, you are aware of your wedding function look but they are also few other points that you need to keep in mind to let your MUA turn the living canvas into art.

So, all the brides-to-be read this before you finalize your Bridal MUA.

#1 Take a Makeup Trial

Besides allowing you get yourself formally acquainted and vibe with your expert, it would also help you to gauge their work. Instead of stressing out the exact look on wedding day, make up trial will allow you to tweak and perfect your final look beforehand. This would also give your MUA the freedom to see what works the best for you. If you wish to experiment than take this time to do so.

#2 Do Your Homework

This is a universal funda and should be applied at every stage of your wedding planning process and finalizing a makeup artist too should involve some basic research. Check out various portfolios of bridal makeup artists and check out their works properly. After all, you'll have to grill somewhere to get the best person on board for your wedding. 

#3 Make a trip to the dermatologist

Consulting your dermatologist before wedding can help you track your skin issues. Pre-determining the cause of skin allergies and eliminating them beforehand would be better option than getting sad over pimples on your big day.

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#4 Set legit expectations

While your MUA will try her best to achieve the look you desire, she even with all her power cannot change the fact that you look like you. Asking her to make you look like a particular celebrity has its physical limitation. Also, besides you considering her a  magician she cannot eliminate the bump of your pimples, at the most it can be curbed to some extent.

#5 Share your opinion

While we expect you trust the expert with her work, we are definitely not asking you to subdue your opinion. Your make up artist genuinely wants you to be happy, so if there is any part of the look that doesn't work for you or is unsatisfactory then let her know your expectations. The last thing you want is to be unhappy on your BIG day.

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#6 Let the MUA know your allergies

Inform your experts about your allergies so that they can work around with it. Get a patch test done before applying any new product to refrain from any hassle at all costs.

Last but not the least...

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#7 Book your MUA in advance

Brides must finalize her MUA months before her wedding. Peak season keeps the artists occupied. Booking in advance would give you the flexibility with on-location makeup versus studio. 

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