Things Millennial Couples Must Do in Their FIRST Year of Marriage

Anupriya Khanna, 23 Feb 2019

All those months of wedding planning, digging the internet for inspiration and ideas, exploring all possible local markets has finally paid off. You're married!! But, with this begins the first year to your happily-ever-after. THE MOST CRUCIAL YEAR!

The first year of marriage can be the hardest yet the most beautiful phase in your relationship. It will be all about discovering each other, practicing good communication, adapting to new traditions, knowing one another's values and establishing your life as a married couple. And while there'll be so much more to it, the point is how you can make the best out of your first year and keep it as exciting as ever! After all, it's the foundation to sustainable and blissful matrimony, so it should be paid enough attention to. And to help you do just that, we've curated this blog! Down here we've listed a few things couples must do in the first year of marriage. Read 'em all loud and swear by them!

Best first-year marriage advice decoded!

1. Find reasons to celebrate!

Whether it's your first official date as husband & wife, your 6 months anniversary or your beloved's first birthday after entering the matrimonial bliss, make it a point that you celebrate every little-big event of your life with your partner and make it count. And no, celebrations not necessarily mean throwing an extravagant bash every other time! At times it could be just about the two of you going out on a movie date or having a special candle-light dinner date at home. All this really works in igniting that much-needed spark between a husband & wife in the initial days of marriage. (Take this first-year marriage advice seriously!)

2. Take a trip or two together

Even if it has only been a few days or months since you got back from your honeymoon trip, make plans for the next one already. Curate a list of places the two of you always dreamed of exploring together before marriage and go on ticking them one by one. This really helps keep your relationship exciting and fresh (forever). At times, you can also take some short weekender vacays or quick overnight getaways to spend some quality time together and know each other better.

3. Engage in some fun activity

Now that you've finally embarked on this new journey together, make it worthwhile and indulge in some fun activities that interest the two of you. Say, if you and your partner love dancing, take some dance workshops or sign up for an extensive dance course together. In fact, if there's something that interests your partner and not you, you can still take up the challenge to practice & learn it with your partner to share something in common with him or her. This would again help you and your partner bond well with each other in the first year of the marriage.

4. Join cooking classes

Just like love, food is something that the two of you just can't do without! So how about learning to cook some tasty savories apart from just relishing them together? It'll not only be a fun experience but also get the two of you closer to each other. And then, you will always have someone to cook your favorite food for you whenever you're feeling too lazy to hit the kitchen. 

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5. Save your finances, together

One of the most important things to do in the first year of marriage is to openly talk about your finances and plan for the future. Especially if you plan to buy your own house, a dream car or have a family in the near future, start putting integrated efforts and save together. It would not only make it easier for you two to reach the bigger picture but also prevent any sort of money-related quarrels.

6. Practice good communication and share all secrets

Talk about first-year marriage survival tips and this has to be in the list! Since the very first day of your marital institution, make it a habit that you keep the communication clear with your partner and share all your deepest, darkest secrets with him or her. It's not only the first and foremost foundation of a healthy relationship but also one sure shot way of building trust and intimacy.

7. Make some weekly traditions

How to get through the first year of marriage? Well, there's a lot that couples need to take into consideration, one of which could also be making some weekly rituals. It could be going out on a movie date every Saturday, preparing meals together for the family on Sundays, binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix on Friday nights or anything that the two of you could happily look up to by the end of a long & tiring week.

8. Host a warm get-together with friends & families OR hang out with each other's fam

Apart from knowing each other, it is also equally imperative to know each other's, favorite people. And what better way to do that than by hosting a warm dinner party post your wedding celebrations. A cozy and intimate bash will not only help in making new relations but also make your partner feel special and wanted. He or she will appreciate the fact that you're taking efforts to know and gel up with people who matter to him or her.


Have you noted down these points already? If not, do it right away!