11 Things Every Newly-Wed Bride Misses About Her Shaadi

Tanya Baisoya, 10 Dec 2019

If you are a newly-wed bride, you are definitely going to relate all the wedding withdrawals we are going to list below. After all, your shaadi week is always going to be one of the most special weeks for you. And, why not? From those insane sangeet dance practice sessions to visiting your dream designer stores just to get that perfect lehenga, the one you always dreamt of, every bit of your wedding will always be memorable for you. So, do you mind going down the memory lane, and reminiscing the fun memories? Because we have curated a list of all those fun-filled activities, that you, as a bride, will always cherish.

1. The Crazy Wedding Shopping 

From Chandni Chowk to Designer stores, remember those days when you spent hours trying to find everything perfect for your wedding. Be it the jewellery or the shoes, scouting for every little thing you needed, because your wedding shopping was the paramount back then!

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2. Fancy Outfit Trials 

Who can deny the fact, that every to-be-bride loves visiting all those fancy stores of our ever-favourite Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre and many more? Your wedding outfit trials is the only time you get the opportunity to visit these stores and try the most elegant of outfits. 

3. Sangeet Dance Sessions 

No matter how bad or good you are at dancing, you just can't skip your dance practice sessions! Wasn't it a hell of time preparing a dance number just to beat the ladkewale. And, on the sangeet night, you could conquer the stage and dance like a queen!

4. Getting All That Attention 

You know it, as a bride, you are the star of the wedding, and definitely deserve all that pampering and attention from friends and family. From the fancy and quirky gifts your girlfriends give you to the healthy food your mother feeds, we're sure you miss it all!

5. Insane Bachelorette 

Is there a night that could be more fun than the one with your girlfriends? We are sure there ain't one! From posing with your girlies to spilling all your secrets, your bachelorette was one night you wish you could relive timelessly.

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6. Photoshoots

Oh! those never-ending photoshoots! The ones that made you go crazy at a time, but now when you go through your wedding photos, you wish to wear all those outfits again and pose away!

7. Frequent Parlour Visits 

Parlour visits certainly don't sound painful when it is for your own wedding! And this, with no doubts, also becomes one of the most important things you gotta do to look great and glow as a to-be-bride. 

8. No Work Pressure

Now, this just might be one of the favourite points for many newly-weds! How much did you love the time when you did not have to go to the office and work, and all you had to care about was yourself.

9. Wedding Gifts

We all love the wedding favours because of course, gifts get everyone excited! But, gone are those days when you received those favours, and we know how you wish you could get such gifts even after the wedding!

10. Always On Phone

Aren't those few weeks the only days when you don't hate staying on the phone and discussing every detail of the wedding with your friends and family. 

11. Never-Ending Wedding Planning

Girls love planning, isn't it? And, for those few months before your D-Day, wedding planning is your paramount. While it may have got irking sometimes to plan so many things, but we know you reminisce those days now. Because wedding planning is definitely way more fun than planning a regular day!!


What do you miss the most about your wedding?