First and foremost wishing a very happy rakhi to all the brothers and sisters out there. Sisters who have brothers as siblings are truly blessed for they don’t just have somebody to take care of them but also have a true friend. So, we’ve dedicated today’s blog to these awesome brothers and their habits that their sisters will miss literally every day after tying the knot.

Keep your phone close girls cos you are gonna pick it up right away and call your bros after reading this! 😘

17 Things Brides Will Miss About Their Bros After Getting Married

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#1: Of course, Fighting for the Remote

It isn’t a normal house if a brother and sister haven’t fought for the tv remote in the living room. We’ve hardly seen any two siblings not fight over the tv remote to have their show on so this is definitely the one thing sisters will miss the most about their brothers.

#2: Then Eventually Giving in to Watch A TV Show Together

After fighting for the remote, one or the other person usually gives up and ends up watching what the other person wants to see. This is going to hit you hard dear sisters when one of your brother’s favourite shows comes up on the tv and he’s not around to see it with. Feeling sad, no!?

#3: Midnight Snacking is Gonna Be SO Boring!

If you and your brother have pulled all-nighters now and then, then you’d miss the midnight snacking with him so much after getting married. Who will be making Maggi secretly without waking up the parents now?

#4: No Constant Teasing When You’re Getting Ready

The one thing all sisters go through before getting hitched is the constant teasing that the brothers do when they’re getting ready. I mean, who's gonna be teasing about your clothes or your makeup now? It’s gonna be so boring!

#5: Playing Video Games/Board Games

One of the best things about having a brother as a sibling is that you have become a pro in video games and board games. After all, isn’t that what made you competitive all your life? So, it will be one of the major things that will hit hard to you sisters after getting hitched!

#6: Younger Brothers Are Like Your Own Children

If you have a younger brother, then it’s natural that you’ve felt like a second mom to him since the day he was born. After tying the knot, it’s gonna be super tough to not be around to rescue him or help him when needed. Also, who is gonna scold him now!?

#7: Valet Service Whenever You Wanted!

Having a brother means having a free valet service available 24/7. Now that you’ll be tying the knot, who's gonna be driving you around as and when you feel like? I mean, you can still make your brother do it for you but it’s not gonna be like before now, will it?

#8: Brothers are Super Protective

This is a world-famous fact that all brothers are super protective for their sisters whether it’s with other guys or for any random thing possible. Now that you’re gonna get married, you will miss that protective nature so much. You will miss having that person to take care of you at all times.

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#9: Ordering Food Together

What’s better than having a buddy to order food with and get rid of those food cravings? Having a brother means having a lifetime partner for ordering whatever food you want to and after getting hitched, this is only going to become like a once-in-a-blue-moon kinda thing!

#10: Lazing Around and Doing Absolutely Nothing

Another perk of having a brother is that you get to laze around without feeling guilty or getting scolded (cuz ultimately he’s the one who is always gonna be under the radar). Your brother will always make you feel like doing absolutely nothing is a good thing and needs to be done more often so after getting hitched, you’re definitely gonna miss your lazy bro to do nothing with.

#11: The One Who Takes all the Blame

He may be a pain in the ass 9 out of 10 times but every brother takes the blame for his sister for her mistakes. Now, who will come to your rescue when you get married? You’re gonna have to listen to all the scolding!

#12: Your Person When You Need a Guy’s Opinion

Another great thing about having a brother is having access to a guy’s opinion on everything. Whether we talk about buying a gift or dealing with an issue, having a brother means you get to see both the sides and now this thing will not be so actively available.

#13: Sneaking Out at Nights Was Epic

Remember those nights when your brother convinced you to sneak out at night with his best buds cuz he wanted his sister to have a good time. What’s gonna happen to those epic moments now that you’re gonna tie the knot!?

#14: Your Biggest Cheerleader is Your Bro

The brother is usually the first person the sister goes to when it comes to something big or small and happy or sad. He’s gonna sort your biggest problems and celebrate your happiest moments with you so it’s natural to feel sad when you think about what will happen once you tie the knot.

#15: Who's Gonna Open the Door Late at Night for Him?

What’s gonna happen to the poor old brother now that you’ll get hitched? Who is gonna open the door when he comes home late from parties completely sloshed? Definitely not mom and dad! Maybe train the house dog? ;) 

#16: Who is Gonna Make Me Try New Things?

One thing all sisters love about their brothers is the fact that these brothers are always the ones to make their sisters try new things with them whether it’s a new game or a new cocktail. Who is gonna make me try new and fun things now?

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#17: Go-To Person No Matter What Happens

Last but the most important one, a brother is the ultimate go-to person for a sister. He knows at one glimpse if something is wrong and will come to the sister’s rescue. He’s the one you go to for help or simply to have a good time. And even after you get married, your brother is always going to be your person!


Tell us about your most favourite memory with your brother in the comments section below! 

Raksha Bandhan Special: 17 Things Every Bride Will Miss About Her Brother After Getting Hitched

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Raksha Bandhan Special: 17 Things Every Bride Will Miss About Her Brother After Getting Hitched