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These Timeless Black & White Bridal Portraits will leave you Spellbound!

Shivani Malhotra, 20 Mar 2018

Remember the times when we ogled on the black and white portraits from the wedding series of our parents? Or gorged for hours on those BW photos hung on the house walls of our grandparents? They appeared quite funny to us know; colorless and boring, yet truly ebullient in themselves. We still love how those pictures had the ability to express the loudest of emotions which even colored photos now fail to. 

Along with creating those antique and timeless effects, they’re back in trend to make your wedding memorable from past till eternity. The play of shadows and highlights make them ideal for portraits and they could stay on your walls forever.

So, here are some of our favorite black & white shots of brides by some of the photographers we love, and they're sure to make your Jaw-Drop!

Check-em’ out!

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