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This LATEST Song is All You Need for a Soul-stirring Wedding Video!

Divya Arora, 23 May 2019

Curated with a couple's happy wedding shenanigans, their love story and soulful music, wedding videos & trailers have the power to move even the toughest of hearts and melt even the hardest of souls. And when we talk about wedding videos, the one maestro team that makes us go weak in our knees with their wedding masterpieces is the team of The Wedding Filmer.

Known for their soul-stirring wedding videos with original soundtracks encompassing love and happiness in their entirety, The Wedding Filmer always have a way of leaving us soft and teary-eyed with their work. While the melodies of their wedding song of the year 2018 Arziyan still flows in our blood and their teaser of Peer Vi Tu for Virushka's wedding has left us agape with the magic that's yet to be released (release it already you guys, please), they're back again with their wedding song for this year.

Vekheya, a magical song brought to life for Rohan & Radhika's wedding video is one song that has emotionally gripped us and made a home in our hearts.

While we choked on the words that couldn't reach our lips for even they'd fall short, we couldn't stop ourselves from playing the video on loop with moist eyes and a big smile on our face. Check this video out and be ready for the goosebumps you all are gonna get just like us.

While we can't wait for the team to release the entire track, we couldn't take our eyes off this another video they made for the couple where the groom himself sung the song for their second video and boy that's just so much mush!

This video is all about the couple's journey from proposal to marriage and Rohan's strong and apparent goal to make Radhika feel like a queen that she is. Which is why the team had Rohan himself sing this heart-warming rendition of How Sweet It is by James Taylor and we're appalled. Go see this video while we go grab some more tissues!

Sidenote for all the men out there: The bar has been set really high guys! Pull your socks up!


We're not crying, you're crying! JK! We're all crying!