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The Prettiest Colours For Your Wedding Outfits According To Your Skin Tone

Sanchita Kalra, 14 Jun 2017

You'd often hear people saying how terrible a particular tone of colour looks on them! For me, it's the outfits in pastel shades I'm frightened of experimenting with because of my skin tone. And if you're just like me- confused on how to pick the right colour of the outfit keeping in mind the complexion- congratulations you've come to the right place!

Whether you're the bride or bride's best friend or best friend's friend, you'd definitely want to figure out colours that look flattering on your skin colour so that picking the outfit of your dreams becomes easy peasy. So, we spoke to two of our favourite stylists Meha Bhargava and Nikita Sethi who revealed the shades that best complements your skin colour.

For fair skin tone: If you're a fan of softer hues, opt for pastel shades such as mint green, light pink and peach. On a darker side, go for midnight blue, emerald green and wine colours. Bright pinks and blues will also look extremely good on you. Avoid: Pale colours such as beige and brown as they'll make you look dull.

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For wheatish skin tone Choose deeper colours and shades of pure colours such as hot pink, bright yellow, fiery orange, crimson red and corals. Earthy tones will look great on you as well. Avoid: Gold, beige and dark hues of purple and blue.

For dusky skin tone Look for more jewel tones or pale or deep colours. Emerald green, tangerine, peach, mint green and pastel pinks will make you stand out. Avoid: Wine, maroon and bright & neon colours

I Really Like A Colour But It Doesn't Go With My Skin Tone. What To Do?

  • The best way would be to do a sheer dupatta in that colour, it will not be too heavy and just add a little bit of that colour to the outfit.  
  • Place the colour away from the face, and opt for the chosen colour bottoms, or if it's still in the top then play with a deeper coloured neckpiece which will brighten your face.

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Bonus Tips From Our Stylists:

  • It is not mandatory to match your skin tone with the outfit. Go for the colours you're confident with. In the end, how you style and carry yourself is what matters the most!
  • Don't follow a trend just because it's "in". Wear what you like, what looks good on you and what you're comfortable in.
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