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The Mumbai Makeup Expert Sunita Divecha Talks About The Changing Wedding Trends Over The Years!

ShaadiSaga, 31 Jul 2015

Makeup artists are the wizards of the beauty industry. It’s amazing how, with a few brush strokes, they can transform something ordinary into extraordinary. Yes, there’s beauty in loving yourself the way you are. But hey, why shy away from enhancing your best facial features with a few artsy makeup techniques? Carrying this belief along in their career is a slew of makeup artists in our country’s beauty fraternity, who know how to maximize their love for the art. We at ShaadiSaga are pumped to have one such Mumbai makeup artist fon board for a detailed feature on wedding makeup trends – Sunita Divecha. Read up on as she sheds light on the ever-changing face of beauty around us, newer trends in makeup over the years, and an insight into her own brand – Sirius.

Most people take to the makeup industry as a profession. I believe, I was born into it. My earliest memories of being drawn towards makeup and hair styling were in my early adolescence when I saw my mother transform from an ordinary housewife into a fashion icon by using simple makeup techniques. It always stunned me how the huge beehive on her crown stayed intact all day, and I remember the scent of her hair spray and the perfect wings of her eyeliner. Realizing that practice makes perfect, it was just at the age of ten that I learned how to apply the perfect winged eyeliner. And this, is how I realized that I wanted to become a makeup artist.

Cut to 2011. My very own brand ‘SIRIUS’ was born. Every bride wishes to look like the brightest star in the universe on her big day, which is exactly what the term ‘Sirius’ translates to. This article is an attempt to chronologically demonstrate the bridal makeup history from the past decades. As a professional makeup artist dedicated to brides, I would like to share my knowledge of wedding trends and styling from the past. This art has evolved tremendously over the last few decades, and so has one’s role as an artist. It amuses me to reminisce how back then, we were addressed as ‘parlor waali’, and our job was associated with nothing but waxing, pedicure, manicure and facials. Much as our services were in demand, the profession was still considered  menial. As this industry boomed, so did our stature. We rose to the designation of a ‘beautician’, followed by “makeup artist and stylist” as we are known currently.

Circa 1960's

The 60s’ saw women with long hair, flat and straight with the ever-so-popular fringe. Brides twisted their hair, back-combed and sprayed into fabulous creations, most prominently, the beehive. The 60s was a colorful decade, and so, it was only fitting that the period gave us a wide range of makeup looks. 60s’ brides wore false lashes to make their eyes look bigger and bolder, and loved to apply white eye pencil. Other prominent makeup trends of the decade were nude lips, pale eyeshadows, and the current obsession of winged eyeliner, all of which were key to the 60s’ makeup trends.


The 70s brought with them a challenge. This was the no-makeup era with brides preferring to go au natural. Thus was introduced a slew of “invisible cosmetics” by makeup companies. Brides preferred a healthy glow courtesy dewy foundations, evening blushers and bronzers, with extra gloss and wet sheen on the lips. Cosmetic advertisements of the 70s too propagated invisible makeup, describing it as ‘the make that is and isn’t’. By 1973, pearl essence took cosmetic products by storm, and was added to almost all cosmetics.


If you thought the 60s was flashy, try the 80s! Bridal fashion during this decade was about being conspicuous and ostentatious, often leading to a theatrical appearance at the end. The order of the day was to sport bold and bright colors; colorful eyeshadows in the shades of blue, purple and pink became more prominent with each year. Another trend was the dark rocker eye. The cool girl of the 80s flaunted a dark lower waterline of the eye, teaming it up with hot pink and plum blushes applied to the hollow of the cheeks so as to lend a sculpted look. Superstar Rekha was the idol of every beauty-conscious woman, as they preferred winging out their brown contours, creating an artificial length, similar to Rekha’s. It was the decade of flamboyance, with glitter and shimmer having taken the front seat.

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Ask any self respecting millennial and they’ll argue that the 90s were the best decade of all time! While the aura of the 90s gives us a lot to reminisce, the makeup trends of the decade is something we’d like to forget. Don’t believe me? Here’s the first reason: we love applying lip-liner as it gives the appearance of a fuller lip. But wearing it in a shade that is five times darker than the lipstick? Erm no, thanks. The 90s also saw the trend of eyebrow plucking until they were almost non-existant. And why not? Madonna wore the look with pride! The infamous combo of that decade- glittery eye shadow and glossy lip–still gives us the shudders.



Make way for the modern vintage bride! Vintage patterns on modern materials took center stage, as artists combined the old and new to formulate contemporary looks. On the makeup front, dramatic eyes and dark-stained lips reminiscent of Hollywood glam were as prominent as subtle, natural makeup and soft, tousled tresses. These beauty ideas from the runways have translated well into a wedding day looks. Today’s trends are all about ‘Less is more’ with a touch of the personal style. Today’s brides believe in expressing their personality while also reflecting a rich tradition. So, it’s important to be specific about a certain era and not generalize all styles to the vague term that is ‘vintage’.

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We at SIRIUS can transform you into a jazz era flapper girl, a starlet from Hollywood or Bollywood’s golden age, a rock and roll pinup, or a sex kitten of the 60s. We have a passion for the beauty from the bygone era, and yet, love the idea of vintage with a blend of the modern trend of makeup in contemporary ways. For instance, you could wear a liquid kohl liner look of the 60s, and go with a matte red lipstick from the 30s, and still be on trend today! Ultimately, the idea for today’s bridal makeup is to team vintage with modern to make a unique statement. Our inspiration at SIRIUS features rouge, lip color that seems to be pulled out from vanity table drawers long ago, while still keeping in sync with futuristic glittery eye accents, timeless natural tones and indelible smokey shadows and liners done in a fresh way. My mantra: Excellence will never lower its standard to accommodate you, one has to rise high to achieve it.