The Love Story That Bloomed 11 Years Ago: Nupur & Kaushik!!!

Neha Garg, 05 Aug 2015

“She was his north star, the fixed point round which his world turned. For as long as his heart beat, or hers, he believed they would always share a destiny.” – David Gemmell

Believe you me, writing a wedding story is a real tough job, but writing a story for another writer, is the toughest. Our bride, Nupur is an Image consultant and founder of fashion blog thecrispycorner, while Kaushik is a Management Consultant.

Pre-Wedding Shoot



People say, you don’t have to find love, one fortunate day love will find you and life would be more than beautiful. For, Nupur and Kaushik, love planned a different way, the two met 11 years ago, when they were just 16. They met on the school bus, didn’t talk much, but both of them had a huge crush on each other. After a few months, they met at a dandiya night, exchanged numbers and the next day while having coffee, Kaushik asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she said ‘Yes’. 2 years later Kaushik moved to Singapore to do his engineering and she went on to do her bachelors in Psychology. They lived far, but love kept them together.

The Sangeet Ceremony

_DSC3182 _DSC2824          _DSC2791 _DSC3975      _DSC4005

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Nupur on her Choreograher My choreographer was Preeta and Shwetha from PPDC (Preeta Pereira Dance Company). Preeta is the one who choreographed the viral video “Bollywood through the ages” Preeta is someone very special. Kaushik and I know her since we were 16. We learnt our first dance steps in her class. So when Kaushik and I decided to get married, there was no doubt that we wanted Preeta and her team to choreograph us. The patience and dedication Preeta and Shwetha has put to teach us and our family and friends was incredible. They are such excellent choreographers and dancers. It was a pleasure having them.

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Nupur on her doting husband, Kaushik For me, I always say, Kaushik is the wind beneath my wings. The reason I am happy, the reason I live, the reason I am pushed beyond boundaries to achieve my dreams is because of him. He is my best friend more than anything. We have grown up with each other and there is no one who knows me better. They say in life you meet one person who is unlike any other. He is the one who makes you smile like no one ever. That person is your soul mate and for me that is Kaushik.

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Kaushik on his wonderful life partner, Nupur  Friendship finds us based on what we like, and love finds us based on what we are like. Nupur has always been more than a best friend. Her sincerity and generosity inspires me to be a better human being. She is somebody who understands my intentions prior to my actions and I have been able to be myself around her. As we walk this journey of ours together, I am glad that she was my soul mate prior to being my sole-mate.

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The Most Beautiful Proposal I Have Ever Come Across (Note down, this might can help you someday :p)

Nupur shares, "In Jan 2015, he told me we were going to Thailand for a surprise holiday. We reached the resort at Khao Lak and after some rest, Kaushik asked me to get dressed for dinner. After getting dressed, we had a limo, come to pick us up where I was served with roses and champagne. After driving for a bit we landed in the middle of a jungle. I was a bit scared, but when I walked ahead a bit with torchlight I saw a slope lit up with candles. Kaushik had arranged 500 candles on a slope in the middle of a jungle beside a waterfall. He had also arranged a chef to cook my favorite dishes live. He then went down on his knees, spoke about our 11 years and popped the question with a ring. I was definitely surprised, as I didn’t expect him to be so old school after 11 years, but who doesn’t want a proposal like this. It was the best day ever” (With a big smile on her beautiful face)

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Pulkesin, The Photographer on the couple: They were always made for each other. Their love started right from that dance class and never ceased. I have known Nupsie as I fondly call her, ever since she was five years; she is an amazingly, wonderful person who is so positive, carries herself well and knows how to charm everyone around her. A top notch stylist, I was really expecting her wedding to look full of colors. Her wedding planner and she worked like Chemistry molecules, instant bonding. Needless to say she made a simple Tamil Wedding affairé look like one of the best weddings I have ever shot. As they say, simplicity lies in its essence. Love you both guys. Live truly a wonderful life ahead. 

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The Wedding Story:

Their’s is a reversed 2-state kind of story (Nupur is from north India and Kaushik is a tam brahm), they decided to have the Sangeet, Haldi and Mehendi the north Indian way and the wedding in typical tam brahm style.

_DSC3583              _DSC3700 DSC_2507  

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Nupur On The Talented Photographer, Pulkesin As for Pulkesin I have known him since I was a kid. We have been family friends for years, so for me he and his team were like a big support system at the wedding. I am so grateful to them to take time out and shoot us. Pulkesin is just way too talented. If someone can capture emotions, it is Pulkesin. Weddings and events are his forte and he captures exactly what is needed.

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The Gorgeous Bride With Her Super Gorgeous Sister :)


Sabrina, The Makeup Artist On The Gorgeous Nupur She is a very sweet, organized and exciting to work with. On the Big-Day, we kept the makeup very natural, yet highlighting the beautiful features that she has. 

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Nupur on her Wedding Planners My wedding planners were DivyaVithika Wedding Planners. Even if I thank them, it is not enough. They have been a pillar of strength to our wedding from the moment we met them till today, even when the wedding is over. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else to do my wedding. Their vision, style, creativity and above all patience is something I have learnt so much from. They are the best and any girl would be lucky to have them as their wedding planner. There is just so much respect I have for them and their professionalism.


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Honeymoon (Maldives)

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Thank You Note From Nupur

“Thank you is such a small word and it will never suffice for the emotions I have for everyone who were there and helped at our wedding, the most precious day of our lives. But yes, I would love to thank my in-laws who have been so loving, my parents who have been truly unconditional and of course my little sister. Without them, nothing would have been possible. I would like to express my gratitude to all our relatives and friends who were there with us at every step and of course DivyaVithika, our wedding planners for making our dream into reality. I can’t wait to start my life as Mrs. Narayanan”

We didn't know what the future held, but definitely knew it was something special, says Nupur!


Photographer: Pulkesin, North Water Star

Pre-Wedding Shoot: Gian Mark Quidasol

Makeup Artist

Wedding: Sabrina Suhail

Sangeet Venue: Royal Orchid Bangalore

Wedding Venue: Temple Tree Leisure Bangalore

Wedding Planner: Divya and Vithika

Choreographer: Preeta Pereira Dance Company

DJ: DJ Sai

Shaadisaga Wishes This 'So Much In Love Couple' Smiles For Eternity!