The Internet Has A Lot To Say About Weddings And It Will Definitely Crack You Up!

Devika Sinha, 05 Jun 2017

We are the generation that gets up and scrolls through our newsfeeds every morning to see which funny tweet or meme is a rage today (or a scandal)!

What is the event that has millions of funny, scandalous and adventurous incidents happening all the time? Of course weddings; especially Indian weddings!

These HILARIOUS tweets and memes about weddings in general and Indian weddings, in particular, are made to crack you up and will have you saying, “OMG! This is so on point!”

Weddings = Food!

Getting Married?

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The Internet knows how hilariously stressful planning the wedding is!

The passive-aggressive cordial invites!

Because "You're next!" is the most annoying part...

Getting Married?

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Internet has a lot to say about Indian weddings (and relatives) and all of us have been there!

All the grooms and husbands nod in unison!

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Weddings and crushes have a deep connection!

The social media wedding trend!

"Me at my wedding" memes are sooo RELATABLE!


Thoughts of a bride on her wedding day

Aaand... All the girls waiting for their bestie's wedding would go "YAS" seeing this last meme!

Laugh out loud and tag your friends and family!