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The Fab Makers Behind Yuvraj and Hazel's Wedding (Plus Exclusive Pictures!!)

ShaadiSaga, 05 Dec 2016

Everyone has been talking about Yuvraj and Hazel and everything related to their grand wedding. And you also might be wondering who are the people behind YHPL's stunning photos and the gorgeous decor? Well, we talked to the photographer and the decorator of Yuvi and Hazel's wedding and here's what they told us:

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Kartik Bhagat of Dream Diaries (4th from right) and his team in Chandigarh

The Man Behind The Lens And Amazing Photography Of Yuvraj-Hazel Wedding

Kartik Bhagat: Dream Diaries Kartik needed to get a proper mindset before paying attention to any technical and physical preparations. When it’s a celebrity you are shooting, there’s always this fan factor that comes in between. Kartik knew he had to do justice to his work no matter what, therefore prepared himself accordingly. “Both Yuvraj and Hazel are very co-operative and made us feel very comfortable. We did the first couple shoot after Hazel’s Mehendi (Nov 29th); the best part about Yuvraj and Hazel is that they both love being clicked, which makes our part much easier. We love shooting couples who like being clicked,” said Kartik.

The Decked Up Decor By

Abhishek Kaushik: Designs By Abhishek Of course it feels great to have been a part of designing Yuvraj Singh’s wedding. But the fact that Abhishek has been associated to the cricketer from his school days (DAV Public School) definitely adds up a lot. Abhishek agrees to the fact that it’s always a big responsibility to design someone’s wedding who is a celebrity. “It’s very challenging as we have to match up to their tastes and personality,” disclosed the decorator.


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The Mehendi was a poolside venue. Abhishek didn’t want to throw in too many colours, therefore he chose the bold combination of tangerine and shades of blue. He also played with a lot of lights there, giving that warm lighting effect which was just perfect for a Mehendi décor.


Picture Credits: Abhishek Kaushik

Next was the in-house reception at Yuvraj’s Chandigarh residence (Nov 30th). The theme was kept black and gold along with some peacock shades of colour. Since it was a sit-down former dinner (which had both the Indian and England cricket teams presence), Abhishek thought of giving it a drawing room-set up.

Photo Credits and Featured Image Credits: Kartik Bhagat/Dream Diaries

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