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The Exclusive Wedding Pictures, Venue, & Love Story of Asin And Rahul's Wedding!

Neha Garg, 19 Jan 2016

Asin has tied the knot with her fiance and Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma in New Delhi on 19th January. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony at the Dusit Devarana resort in the capital. The wedding had taken place according to Christian as well as Hindu ceremony, honoring their respective religions.


It was during the promotions of ‘All Is Well’ in 2015 that the news of Asin and Rahul Sharma’s relationship emerged. And then  Asin revealed that she was indeed in a relationship with Rahul, and that they will be getting married soon. Have a look at their gorgeous wedding card!

asin-rahulweddingcard1 asinrahulweddingcard Akshay-Kumar-and-asin'
The first card was for 'the best man' at the wedding, who is none other than Akshay Kumar, who played the cupid between the two.
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In an interview to Bombay Times, Asin revealed her story, “Just like my character Sanjana in the film (‘Ghajini’) faffs and makes up the story of being linked to Sanjay Singhania, that I met him first at the Mumbai airport, and that he said a hi and I said hi and how he came and sat next to me and then said I love you. My story is eerily similar to that. Rahul and I first met at the private airport of Mumbai as I was going to another country for work with Akshay Kumar for the promotions of Housefull 2.”


She further added, "I wished everybody good morning and then there is this guy standing next to Akshay whom he introduced me as his friend Rahul. We exchanged 'hi's and went into the flight. All big stars have their friends accompanying them, so I assumed he was that friend. So Eventually, as the day unfolded, during the day I have realized who he was. I realized that it was actually, his flight, his tournament we were going for, he was sponsoring us and basically everything was happening because of him.”


The Ultra Beautiful Proposal In an interview with Malayalam magazine Vanitha, Asin opened up about the proposal. She revealed that Rahul had planned a traditional romantic proposal for her. When Asin was in Delhi for an event, Rahul invited her to the Presidential suite of a luxury hotel. He had created a treasure hunt for her. At the end of it, she found Rahul dressed in a Kerala outfit. He went down on his knee and proposed to her. Since Asin is a Malayali, Rahul proposed to her in Malayalam. According to media reports, Rahul proposed to Asin with a 20-carat solitaire ring worth Rs. 6 Crores, which was imported from Belgium, has initials ‘AR’ engraved on it.

LNq4CZDi dusit-devarana-new-delhi_facilities_pool-deck_1600_w  asin-weddingvenue DusitTalking about her first impression of Rahul, Asin revealed in the same interview, “He was a very simple and down-to-earth and that quality stuck with me.”

Featured Image: Indian Express