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The Cutest Bridal Shower We’ve Ever Seen (With DIY Ideas You’ll Want To Steal Instantly!)

Sanchita Kalra, 20 Jan 2017

Bridal showers are, no doubt, special. But this Bombay bridal shower was extra special because of how PRETTY everything was!

Amrita's friends threw her a surprise bridal shower recently with the help of the event planning team at Shaadi Squad. The planners were given THREE days to pull it off, and what a shower they threw!

Here are all the pretty details that have left us swooning. Pssst...don't miss out on all the DIY elements that Shaadi Squad incorporated to help Amrita's friends throw a cost-effective party!

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The Picture-Perfect Location

Tina Tharwani, co-owner of Shaadi Squad, went around a lot of places in Mumbai looking for a quaint place to host the shower and absolutely fell in love with Harry's Bar & Cafe in Juhu seeing the cozy corner and easy breezy vibe of the cafe which was perfect for Sunday Brunch.

Prettiest Shower Decor Ever!



A lot of people go overboard with the decor and end up with clichéd items but this bridal shower was simply subtle and understated. There were no sashes and tiaras, just a badge for the bride-to-be, fresh flowers in jars & candle holders as table centerpieces and balloons & bunting in soft colours.

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Bridesmaids Bonding Without Games

The idea of this shower was to bond and catch up with long-lost friends, instead of just playing games. There was a Throwback Wall of the bride's pictures with her friends that were clipped on a jute string around a crochet frame. Another was a Marriage Tips jar which friends could fill with advice written on ice cream sticks! Both are super easy to recreate DIY ideas you can steal :)

Hugs & Kisses for Everyone AKA Favours

Hershey's Kisses chocolates in mini mason jars were wrapped in a checkered cloth that served as lids. And handwritten tags said, "Hugs & Kisses from the Future Mrs". Thoughtful AND pocket-friendly!

Cake & Wine for The Bride

Her wine glass was personalised with a kiss symbol on it, while the super pretty marzipan floral cake was specially made by Viidhii Tanejaa for the event.


Bride's Favourites on the Menu


This was one of our FAVOURITE ideas! A special menu was created that was placed on every table, and the dishes and spirits were all centred around what the bride loves.

Tips from the Event Planner: 

"I would recommend that more than a picture perfect moment, it should be more personal. Planning a bridal shower is both easy and cost effective if only you think of innovative ways to create the event. Breaking away from stereotypes is a MUST!"

Shaadi Squad has definitely found its way into our list of favourite event planners with this cute bridal shower!

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Have you attended a bridal shower you loved? Share with us what made it special!