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The Classy Pre-Wedding Shoot Of Resham & Pankul Through The Lens Of Shiv Sharma!

Neha Garg, 17 Nov 2015

I never wish to be parted from you from this day on!

A classy location, lots of greenery, water body, rich British ambience, lovely lamp shade, and lots more. Tikli bottom at Sohna Road is the most perfect location for our pre-wedding shoot, says our pretty, bride-to-be, Resham.


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When we asked Resham, what is the best thing about her fiancé, she was all in smiles:   The best thing about him? Well, there are sooo many, but to start with, he really cares for me and my opinions over anything. Since day 1 he has made sure that we talk enough & know each other well. He is very supportive and respects my decisions. All of these things make me fall in love with him everyday
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Resham on her photographer, Shiv Sharma Shiv is a very talented and innovative guy. When I chose him to be my photographer, it was only on the basis of a few online reviews. But now that I have met and worked with him during the pre wedding shoot, I see how driven he is and how much effort and thought he puts into each set up and each shot he takes. I am the happiest to have my wedding covered by someone who constantly looks around for new ideas to shoot and make us look lovely :) He is very prompt with all deliverables and very accommodating to all last minute changes. His patience and zeal will definitely take him places ;)

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One moment that you can’t forget? Ours is an arranged marriage and so it might sound a bit cliche, but the most special moment happened at our first date, when we were sitting on a swing in Aqua at Park Hotel. It was a very pure moment, I was very shy at that time and he on the other side was being a true gentleman to make me more comfortable :)

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Shiv Sharma, the photographer on the couple Can't get enough of these two Lovebirds. I have the best of times when a date-turned-shoot-outing-turned-fun-evening turns into a memorable day away from the craziness & rush of the city. Style comes effortlessly to some people. They are one such couple. Resham is a style focused ever smiling, cheerful girl and Pankul the groom-to-be was the perfect Gentleman. The few hours I spent with them - goes to show how passionate these two are. Kudos! I feel blessed to get to meet such wonderful people and to get to capture a few moments of Love in their lives.

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Photographer: Shiv Sharma

Many congratulations to this lovely couple, may you two have a wonderful life filled with love & laughter!