The Bride Who Wore A Blue Lehenga - A Minimalistic Yet Beautiful Wedding in Jodhpur!

Priyanka Banerjee, 28 Aug 2017

“Love knows no borders.”

The picture-perfect story of Mohneet and Rainer made us believe that cultural differences can’t stop people to fall in love. Mohneet was born in India (Delhi) and raised in the UK while Rainer is from Estonia. Their adorable love story started from a Japanese Investment Bank where they both met and the friendship started budding between them. Soon the friendship turned into love and finally, they decided to take this bond to eternity by tying the knot which was beautifully captured by Fotowalle.

Despite the cultural differences between them and their families, they both blended perfectly by planning trips to India, Christmas vacations in Estonia and summers in London.

Proposal in Paris

Being a romantic person, Rainer planned a very special proposal to confess his love to Mohneet. And guess what? He chose Paris as a place to take their love to a next level and gave Mohneet a perfect reason to make Paris the place to visit again and rejoice the memories as wished by her.

Rainer took his love to the most beautiful bridge in Paris and landed up on a private cruise. Later, just taking the perfect timing he proposed Mohneet with a mesmerising view of the sunset behind them.

*The blush moment*

When they were on the cruise someone shouted “Just Say Yes” which was not a planned thing and made Mohneet blush.

Mehendi with a Rajasthani touch

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To give a colourful and traditional touch to the Mehendi ceremony, they planned to keep a Rajasthani and Batik theme. The guests were instructed to pick an airy and light coloured outfit for the wedding with a Rajasthani touch seeing the temperature reaching 35 degrees. And just in case if anyone wanted to jump in the pool IF NEEDED!

All about the wedding

Both of them wanted a cosy and small wedding which consisted of 160 people. Ranbanka Palace in Jodhpur was chosen as the venue for pre-wedding functions to the wedding day. Another reason to choose this venue was to give a strong vibe of the Indian heritage to the guests who came from UK, Estonia, Switzerland, Australia and different parts of India. They didn’t miss the chance to enjoy the weather and planned an outdoor wedding along the poolside. Perfect! Isn’t it?

The vintage look of the Ranbanka Palace, the courtyard with a pool and stone sitting areas just matched every expectation of the bride.

Being an admirer of simplicity and elegance, Mohneet and Rainer kept the wedding a simple affair. The brothers, cousins and father of the bride wore dark yellow hue turbans with matching bandi jackets while the bridesmaid perfectly complemented the bride's blue lehenga by wearing pink banarasi dupatta. While the sister of the bride wore a red silk suit to pull it all together.

Mohneet decided to go out of the way and wore a blue lehenga by Ridhi Mehra. The bride picked blue as the colour for her lehenga because she didn’t want to be the conventional bride wearing a red or pink lehenga. And blue happened to be the couple’s favourite colour too. Sweet! Right?

The best thing about the wedding was jumping in the pool after the wedding rituals. Can you imagine a baraat with full makeup and clothes inside the pool? Crazy! Isn’t it? But that was their way to celebrate their most special day with colourful dupattas flowing in the water.

Word of advice from the bride

Nowadays it’s quite a pressure on the bride to outnumber the look of the other bride and appear with a unique style on their wedding. But Mohneet states that wear the outfit which makes you happy and it should be the only factor when deciding your outfit for the wedding.


BRB, we're still swooning over this wedding!


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Photographer: Fotowalle | Bridal Outfit: Ridhi Mehra | Venue: Ranbanka Palace in Jodhpur