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The Best Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice: #TipsyTuesday Edition!

ShaadiSaga, 28 Mar 2017


Every Tuesday, we give you the ultimate wedding planning tips on our Instagram that you might forget during your wedding planning. In our #TipsyTuesday tips, from pre-wedding to honeymoon and from brides makeup to bridesmaid duties...we give you tips about basically everything!! (Phew!!..we do deserve pats on our backs for all the hard work!)

So, to ease out your work of not making you go through our entire feed, we planned to do a round-up of the best of the #TipsyTuesday tips we have done so far that are super useful:

#1 When you go venue hunting, do check for the parking facility and whether it is complimentary because having angry guests at the wedding is not a pleasant sight!

#2 Do not skip food tasting. The most important thing at your wedding is the food. Guests will remember it for years to come.

#3 Keep snacks handy while getting ready for your functions because you might not be eating much during the event.

#4 During the final fittings and trials of your wedding outfit, make sure you are able to sit down, lift your arms and dance a bit so that you feel at ease on your big day.

#5 If you're planning to wear two dupattas with your lehenga, make sure you take the lighter on one your head to avoid stiff neck and shoulders.

#6 To create a slimming effect for your arms, opt for elbow length sleeves.

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#7 When you go shoe-shopping for your wedding day, make sure you pick a pair of comfortable heels rather than jazzy. They won't even be noticeable under your lehenga.

#8 On your wedding functions, it's best to keep tiny packs of fevikwik handy just in case your jewellery or shoe heel breaks! (ouch!).

#9 Dancing on your Sangeet? Use double tape behind your maang tikka to keep it in place.

#10 To avoid going to the DJ every time you want to request a song, give him a playlist beforehand and dance the night away.

#11 Keep blotting paper handy to remove the excess oil from your face during your wedding functions.

#12 Keep basic medication for a headache, stomach infection, etc. handy during your wedding functions, just in case you or the people around feel sick!

#13 In the hustle-bustle of your wedding, don’t forget to take care of your vendors (food and logistics) as they are the ones making your wedding smooth and fun!

Featured Image Credits: Lakshya Chawla

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