Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

9 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hosting Wedding Ceremonies at home

Divya Arora, 20 Mar 2019

As much of a rage big fat Indian weddings at some picturesque location with fancy ceremonies and hep merrymaking are, private and intimate weddings with ceremonies hosted at home are an in thing too. For the close-knit affair and warm homely feels, hosting wedding ceremonies or even the wedding for that matter, at the residence itself, is being ...


10 Unwanted "log kya kahenge" Wedding Advice you must Totally Ignore!

Divya Arora, 10 Mar 2019

Your wedding dates getting finalized is the time when you actually set out on the overwhelming, exciting and emotional journey of your wedding madness. Right from nerve-racking preparations and an exciting shopping spree to loads of vendor meetings, outfit trial runs and parlour sessions, there's a lot to be done during this phase. Not to forget...

Pre-Wedding Planning

7 Cutesy Wedding Duties for the Little Kiddies of Your Family

Divya Arora, 09 Mar 2019

Excitedly running and frolicking about throughout the wedding, spreading contagious cheer are these little munchkins of your family who seem to be enjoying the wedding the most. Consumed in their own fun, grooving and playing amongst themselves, kids are an indispensable and joyous aspect of a wedding.But, let's face it, we all know how they ten...

Wedding Planning

8 Things Brides Must Do ONE Day Before the Mehndi Ceremony

Anupriya Khanna, 07 Mar 2019

Even though every wedding ceremony is beautiful and has a special charm of its own, but it's the Mehendi ceremony that is the most joyous & colourful of all. Everything about it, right from the vibrant decorations, fun games, quirky & unique favours to pretty outfits, is bewitching. However, when it comes to planning one, it's as taxing as other...

Wedding Planning

Having a Cross-Cultural Wedding? Don't Forget these 7 Planning Tips

Divya Arora, 02 Mar 2019

Marriage as they aptly say isn't just a union of two people but a union of two different worlds, two different families and sometimes even two different cultures. When you both belong to different cultures with mutual respect and love for each other's traditions & customs, deciding upon the kind of wedding you can host isn't a tough nut to crack...


9 Fun ways to Break Free from the Stress of Wedding Planning

Divya Arora, 27 Feb 2019

As exciting and overwhelming the entire wedding planning journey is, it is super exhausting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Right from preparing the guest lists and sending invites to the entire wedding shopping, booking vendors and taking care of the timeliness of every task, planning your wedding is a heavy task. One of the most essential...