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Important Tips to Have Fuss-free Days of Bridal Lehenga Shopping

Divya Arora, 02 Apr 2019

As a bride-to-be, what is the one aspect of wedding shopping that you're most excited about? Well, let us guess, your 'Bridal Lehenga Shopping', isn't it? Like, obviously! That's the first thing every bride-to-be is overwhelmed and even frantic about. And well, just because your wedding lehenga is what primarily defines your bridal look and has ...


9 Fun ways to Break Free from the Stress of Wedding Planning

Divya Arora, 27 Feb 2019

As exciting and overwhelming the entire wedding planning journey is, it is super exhausting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Right from preparing the guest lists and sending invites to the entire wedding shopping, booking vendors and taking care of the timeliness of every task, planning your wedding is a heavy task. One of the most essential...

Skincare Tips

11 Incredible Uses of Rose Water for Skin & Hair for Brides-to-be

Divya Arora, 24 Feb 2019

Created by soaking rose petals in water, Rosewater is unquestionably one of the most essential and highly beneficial health care product that should definitely be a part of every woman's life. Moreso, for its uncountable benefits and uses, a bottle of rose water should impeccably make it to every bride's makeup trousseau and there're no two thou...

Bridal Fashion

9 Local Markets in Delhi to Hop in for Ultimate SHAADI SHOPPING!

Medha Chawla, 29 Nov 2018

Don't we all girls just love shopping? Like come on, it is a guilty pleasure for most of us and even therapeutic for some. *BTW, shopping therapy is a real thing, guys* And when it is your own wedding shopping, you just can't not enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT and make the most out of it. It is undeniably the most fun and endearing tasks amidst the e...

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Checklist of Must-have Haircare & Styling Products in your Bridal Trousseau

Divya Arora, 25 Oct 2018

The importance of what goes into a bride's trousseau is undeniable and should be given utmost care. While stacking it with all those gorgeous outfits, scintillating jewellery pieces, varieties of footwear and the makeup kit, we don't really pay much attention to all those skin care and hair essentials. For that matter, speaking about hair essent...


Dainty & Wearable Jewellery pieces every Bridal Trousseau must have!

Divya Arora, 12 Sep 2018

Jewellery undoubtedly makes up for one of the most essential parts of your bridal trousseau and deciding upon what to pack and what not to pack is pretty nerve-racking. Having said that, as a newly-wed bride you'd obviously have a lot of brunches and dinners to attend and a lot of family shenanigans to look up to and donning that heavy jewellery...