17 Elaborate Jewellery Designs We Spotted On Brides In 2020

Shivani Singh, 16 Dec 2020

With 2020 coming to a close, we're glad to report that despite the pandemic, we've witnessed some of the most amazing bridal ensembles this year! The charm of decking up and going all OTT is still...


What to Wear When: Diamond Jewellery vs Gold Jewellery

Chinar Ghorawat, 26 Nov 2020

With a gazillion choices confusing you already, the biggest choice you've to make is surely the one between gold jewellery and diamond jewellery and what to wear when. While both are timeless and...


12 Contemporary Jewellery Brands To Know Of Before Your Wedding

Shivani Singh, 07 Nov 2020

Bride or bridesmaid, irrespective of your status at a wedding, you'd all agree that having the most precious and pretty jewellery is always a necessity. Jewellery shopping for a bride is one of the most meticulous task which requires great attention. Plus, wedding shopping gives you an opportunity to include some of the most amazing statement pi...


Heirloom Jewellery That Is A Blessing For Vintage Brides!

Shivani Singh, 24 Oct 2020

The idea that inspires a vintage bride is the very mention of heirloom jewellery. For us, it's these trinkets that make a bridal ensemble truly special. Thus, we always advise brides to carry...


18 Gorgeous Toe Ring Designs For Brides That You Should Bookmark ASAP!

Shivani Singh, 29 Aug 2020

Elizabeth Taylor once said, "Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique."Every bride deserves to buy and wear whatever form or kind of jewellery she wishes on her wedding. Whether she likes to maintain minimalism or wants to be studded in kundan from top to bottom, it's her choice. But to make that choice, she ...


12 Hacks That Will Get Your Wedding Jewellery Popping For Your Wedding Day

Vidhi Gupta, 25 Aug 2020

If you are wondering how to make your bridal jewellery pop, don’t worry brides. We are here with 12 hacks on how to make your jewellery pop on your d-day that you are absolutely going to love. Just...