Sister Of The Bride

Guest Fashion

Best Outfits For The Sister Of The Bride & Groom (According To Wedding Functions)

Rashmi Jayara, 11 Apr 2020

From saree to lehenga and gharara to shararas we have all the wedding outfit inspiration for our sister of the bride & groom! During the lockdown, make a list of your wedding outfits according to...

Photo & Video Ideas

#SistersBeforeMisters: 45+ Photos Of Real Brides With Their Sisters

Shivani Singh, 02 Mar 2020

You’ve grown up fighting over the last slice of pizza, and the television remote. Your first-ever ‘parent-less’ vacay was with her. You took your first jump into the waters of a pool with her by your side. She’s been the confidant for your first crush, your first heartbreak, your guilty pleasures and basically your every little secret. She is yo...

Wedding Songs

15+ Joyous Songs For Sister Of The Bride/Groom

Rashmi Jayara, 21 Dec 2019

A wedding is unison between the bride and the groom. All the attention is only on them—what will they wear, how will they look and how grand their performances will be. But we always forget about the most important person in your life—YOUR SISTER! From making sure that everything falls in the right place to putting all her efforts to make the ce...

Mehndi Designs

Best Mehndi Designs For Sister Of The Bride/Groom

Rashmi Jayara, 17 Dec 2019

Who said that a wedding is all about the bride and the groom? We cannot forget the backbone of every wedding—YOUR SISTER! It doesn’t matter if you are the groom or the bride, it’s your sister who adds fun to every event with all her preparations. Be it the dance performances, your magnificent outfit, ethereal makeup or peppy decor, without her c...

Photo & Video Ideas

19 Bridal Entry Photos with Siblings that'll make your Hearts Flutter

Divya Arora, 05 Jun 2019

Daydreaming about herself walking down the aisle looking like a dream in her bridal aura is basically every woman ever. And especially if you're a bride to be, we understand how you obviously would be visualizing and planning your stunning bridal entry for days on end until you stumble upon the perfect one.Right from choosing the best bridal ent...


This Bride's Self-designed Mehendi Look is Absolutely Electrifying

Bhavika Vallecha, 23 Apr 2019

How often do we witness brides going out and bold with their sartorial choices especially for their main ceremonies like the mehndi or wedding? Very rare right? Well, that's because of a simple reason that there are not many examples encouraging the brides to experiment with silhouettes and colors. If you too are a bride who is most likely to pi...