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19 Bridal Entry Photos with Siblings that'll make your Hearts Flutter

Divya Arora, 05 Jun 2019

Daydreaming about herself walking down the aisle looking like a dream in her bridal aura is basically every woman ever. And especially if you're a bride to be, we understand how you obviously would be visualizing and planning your stunning bridal entry for days on end until you stumble upon the perfect one.Right from choosing the best bridal ent...


This Bride's Self-designed Mehendi Look is Absolutely Electrifying

Bhavika Vallecha, 23 Apr 2019

How often do we witness brides going out and bold with their sartorial choices especially for their main ceremonies like the mehndi or wedding? Very rare right? Well, that's because of a simple reason that there are not many examples encouraging the brides to experiment with silhouettes and colors. If you too are a bride who is most likely to pi...

Guest Fashion

11 Ideas to Wear Red Outfits As Bridesmaids & Not Look like the Bride

Divya Arora, 23 Feb 2019

The essence of the color red in Indian weddings stems from our traditions to an extent of being considered an auspicious color, especially for a bride. Not just that we're sure majority of you women love slipping into "red outfits for weddings". Such is the undeniable vivacity and charming glam of red which makes it a highly loved color for outf...


7 Promises every Jiju must make to her Saali for a healthy 'Jija-Saali' Bond

Anupriya Khanna, 09 Feb 2019

Your sister is soon getting married and it's a heart-wrenching feeling. But hey, be happy coz you'll finally get to relish the famous jija-saali relationship! You'll finally have someone with whom you'll share your darkest secrets without any fear of being judged. There'll be constant nok-jhok and teasing but at the same time, there'll be gobs o...

Guest Fashion

21+ Simple & Elegant Lehenga Options for the Sister of the Bride/Groom

Anupriya Khanna, 31 Jan 2019

Hello, beauties! Your darling sister or brother is soon getting married and chances are that you're still struggling with what to wear and what not to wear for their wedding shenanigans! And even though there are gobs of outfit options available, right from pretty sharara & garara sets to stylish indo-western co-ords, there's none that can enhan...


9 Cool & Fun Ideas to Spend Quality time with Siblings before your Wedding

Divya Arora, 30 Nov 2018

That bond that we share with our siblings is like none other. It's a given! Your siblings, as they say, are your first best friends and your first enemies. They know you inside-out, have stood with you in every milestone of your life and have shared their lives with you since the beginning. Which is why we've curated this special blog for every ...