Real Wedding


An Indo-European Wedding With A Peppy Bride & A Groom That Grooved To Bollywood Music Like A...

Shivani Singh, 23 Oct 2020

From the tiniest of details of the bride's ensembles in every function to every accent that rocked this Indo-European wedding, Tuhina and Fillip's stellar wedding was a sight for those looking to...


A Savvy South Delhi Couple That Held A Gorgeous Intimate Wedding In Their Homes!

Shivani Singh, 22 Oct 2020

This is the wedding story of Neha and Bally, a savvy South Delhi couple that held an intimate wedding in New Delhi, which was quaint, yet beautifully charming in every way possible! So, if you're...


Meet This Couple Who Had A Destination Wedding in Goa With Designer Outfits & Pin-worthy Decor!

Shivani Singh, 20 Oct 2020

The wedding was a sundowner affair, held by the beaches of Goa. The entire function's charm turned out to be Ragini's stunning Sabyasachi lehenga in rust orange and off while with the signature...


Meet This Couple Who Had A Destination Wedding In Abu Dhabi Amidst The Sun & Sand! 

Shivani Singh, 16 Oct 2020

Soma and Harsha first met each other at a Halloween Party where a common friend introduced them to each other. After that encounter with Soma, Harsha spent the next month trying to meet Soma, but...


A Fabulous Delhi Wedding Packed With Lots Of Love & Baked Goodies!

Shivani Singh, 13 Oct 2020

"If two hearts are meant to be together, then their love never fades. In fact, their journey is much more enjoyable and fun when it's done together."Now, we know what many people say about love at first sight. Honestly, no one really believes it's true until it actually happens to them. However, Vritti and Gautam are a couple who were lucky enou...


Meet Juhi & Manohar - A Couple Who Met Each Other on LinkedIn!

Shivani Singh, 30 Sep 2020

Having known each other for 4 years and then being together in a relationship for 2 of those 4, Juhi and Manohar were a couple who always had plans to get married. And like every couple planning...