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This Bride Got Her Stunning Bridal Lehenga Shipped From Chandni Chowk For Her Intimate Wedding!

Shivani Singh, 27 Sep 2020

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.”-Tom Mullen.When Sakshi and Mayank met each other, not only did they find a deep friendship in each other but also a travel buddy that would travel with them to any part of the world, as long as it was together. And even though their dream des...


This Blogger Bride Planned Her Intimate Wedding in London With Amazing Food, Decor & Outfits!

Shivani Singh, 16 Sep 2020

When Iman and Adnan shared a glance during their night shift at the hospital, the lives of both the doctors changed forever. Also known as the famous Instagram blogger #ThePakistaniBride, Iman fell...


Bollywood Producer Nidhi Dutta Kickstarts Her Intimate Pre-Wedding Ceremonies in Juhu!

Shivani Singh, 10 Sep 2020

Nidhi Dutta, a renowned Bollywood producer, daughter of acclaimed filmmaker JP Dutta and actress Bindiya Goswami, recently got engaged to longtime beau and director Binoy Gandhi. The couple, who...


A Grand Theme Based Mumbai Wedding with Bride in Gorgeous Outfits!

Shivani Singh, 06 Sep 2020

When Pragya got down on one knee in front of the Duomo in Milan and held a ring out to Aditya, she broke the conventional way of approaching the marriage subject. And it was breathtaking! We've...


These Classmates Turned Into Couple Live-streamed Their Intimate Wedding on YouTube

Shivani Singh, 24 Jul 2020

Shivangi and Pulkit met each other while pursuing law. And their journey wasn't going to be limited to being just acquaintances in the same college. From being total strangers to classmates to best...


Dreamy Jaipur Wedding of #PurvaGotJhamed With Quirky Decor & Bride in Glamorous Outfits

Shweghna Gursahaney, 20 Jul 2020

Sometimes, you don’t even have to see the other person and just have a heartfelt conversation to know that he’s the one for you. One such love story we have today is of Purva and Akshay who hadn’t...