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Lively Kolkata Wedding with A Couple Coordinating in Pastel Outfits

Medha Chawla, 08 Oct 2019

When two souls are meant to unite, no obstacle can stop their unison! And the couple whose wedding has made it to our blog section today, their love story proves the same. Ankit and Saloni met each other through an arranged setup. It was no filmy story but just how it happens in real life, it took them a few meetings to realise they wanted to ma...

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A Poolside Mehndi Decor with a Never-seen-before Glasshouse Setup

Anupriya Khanna, 20 Aug 2019

When someone said poolside mehndi, we instantly began visualizing a pool area outlined with loads of flamingo floaties, a huge hashtag installation, bohemian tassels and all sorts of popping hues. And another minute, we bumped into this awesome poolside mehndi curated by the ace crew of Altair.Woven with extreme elegance and style at the picture...


Joyous Nuptials of a Wedding Planner Bride Feat. Stunning Outfits!

Medha Chawla, 24 Jun 2019

Remember the bride who recently took the Internet by a storm with her fully-filmy fake-crying Vidaai video? Well, she is back to smite you yet again, this time not with her filmy tactics but her oh-so-ethereal wedding! Meet Ishta Khosla, a typical Punjabi girl, full of life and drama who belongs in Bollywood but is a wedding planner by professio...


Boisterous Sindhi-Punjabi Wedding with an Insane Pool Party & a Happy Couple

Medha Chawla, 14 Jun 2019

Cheerful vibes, oh-so-high; leaving us with lasting smiles!The wedding that we are gonna take you through is brimmed with hearty giggles, high-spirited guests and a swagger couple who enjoyed their wedding as the biggest party of their life! This contagious high vibe is what instantly tugged at our hearts when we first saw the wedding snaps of V...

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The Prettiest & Pinkest Flamingo Wedding Decor Ideas We're Fancying RN!

Divya Arora, 13 Jun 2019

Adored for their poised stature, grace, and sheer beauty, Flamingos are an epitome of fancy flamboyance drenched in pretty vivid hues (read: pink). Much like our weddings breathing opulence, elegance, and subtleness all at the same time for that matter. No wonder, whenever we come across a blend of these two vibrant and exuberant worlds, we're l...

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15 Unique Ways to Decorate the Pool & Poolside Area at Your Wedding Venue

Divya Arora, 05 May 2019

We're true rooters of the fact that you must make the utmost use of your wedding venue space by incorporating each and every element it has to offer. Be it the large staircases & steps, the open spaces for seating lounges or the bespoke trees making up for natural beauty, infusing them perfectly is what makes up your wedding decor.One aspect of ...