Miscellaneous Tips

Wedding Planning

#ForBrides: Do's And Don'ts Brides Must Follow On Their Wedding Day

Tanya Baisoya, 31 Dec 2019

Brides, it's your D-Day, the day you have been waiting for, ever since you were a child! We know you must be filled with truckloads of emotions, going-to-miss-my-room feeling and the-start-of-a-new-beginning emotion, there is just so much that must be hitting you on the wedding day. But, make sure you don't goof up with any of your plans amidst ...


7 Realistic Ways to Handle Wedding Shopping Blues like a Boss!

Manavi Chauhan, 29 Jul 2019

Once in a while, we all come across a very different type of heartbreak. It’s one of those silly things like when someone eats the piece of cake that you were SO looking forward to gorging on all day, or when you have to set an alarm for 6 am when you literally just hit the bed at 2 am. Point is, some little things just make your heart sink, and...


9 Useful & Calming Tips Every Anxious or Introvert Brides-to-be Must Read

Divya Arora, 26 Jun 2019

The tag of being a bride-to-be comes along with its own share of jitters and anxiety. Be it about how everything is going to work out, about the fact that you're finally getting married or if you're someone who hates being the centre of attention and panics even at the thought of that. We know how all that nervousness and stress leaves you unabl...

Photo & Video Ideas

9 Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos of your Engagement Ring

Divya Arora, 12 May 2019

If you're reading this, chances are, that you're engaged or your man has proposed to you, and you can't wait to shout it out to the world. Or better yet, you can't wait to flaunt that rock over your Instagram telling the world of your happiness in the most eye-pleasing of ways i.e., with a super dreamy post. And well, why not?!But, before you ju...

Bridal Fashion

Important Tips to Have Fuss-free Days of Bridal Lehenga Shopping

Divya Arora, 02 Apr 2019

As a bride-to-be, what is the one aspect of wedding shopping that you're most excited about? Well, let us guess, your 'Bridal Lehenga Shopping', isn't it? Like, obviously! That's the first thing every bride-to-be is overwhelmed and even frantic about. And well, just because your wedding lehenga is what primarily defines your bridal look and has ...

Skincare Tips

Best Nail Studios for All Bangalore Brides-to-be!

Shweghna Gursahaney, 17 Mar 2019

Almost everybody is going to be grabbing your hands to check out the big rock so your hands just have to look complete and flawless. And nothing will compliment that beautiful ring better than some nail grooming. Let’s also not forget that you’re going to be part of all the wedding photos and the camera captures every detail so your nails just h...