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25 Ideas of Including Pink Colour Decor in Your Wedding - #SSGoesColourful

Chandni Kumar, 08 Mar 2020

Whether you want to walk down on a pink floral aisle with your momma, include shades of pink at your entry gateway, add them as cute pink hanging tassels or pair the colour beautifully with your...

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Bollywood To Disneyland: 10+ Quirky Themes For Your Peppy Wedding Decor!

Rashmi Jayara, 27 Jan 2020

In any Indian wedding, the decor is the soul of the function, right? The kind of decor you have planned, tells a lot about the vibe of the party and there are various ideas in which you can decorate your wedding venue beautifully. Be it your mehendi function, cocktail party or sangeet night, your wedding decor is something that will keep your gu...

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5 Hottest Wedding Decor Colours For 2020 That You Must Bookmark!

Shivani Singh, 24 Jan 2020

Wedding decor has come a long way from fancy pink and white satin ‘shamiyanas’ and ‘genda phools’. In fact, weddings have become less about the big fat ‘Karan Johar’ style extravaganza and moved onto become an adventure the couple undertake to celebrate their love in their own style. Couples have ditched ageing and gaudy decor to embrace theme-b...

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#Handpicked: Amazing Photobooths Spotted In Real Weddings

Rashmi Jayara, 12 Jan 2020

The new year has just begun. But we can’t keep calm as the wedding season is almost here. Just like you, we are also excited to get some incredible pictures clicked at weddings. After months of planning, days of excitement and hours of getting ready, we can at least expect a few good pictures.In the year 2019, we saw some phenomenal decor. Takin...


This Udaipur Wedding's Insta-Worthy Decor & Outfits Have Won Us Over & How

Tanya Baisoya, 30 Nov 2019

"Pankaj was a typical Delhi boy, and I could not even imagine being friends with him," our bride Palak, reveals jokingly. Theirs is a typical heartwarming college romance story. Palak and Pankaj met at Manchester Business School for their masters, and of course, did not like each other at first glance. It was only along the course of time that t...


This Thailand Wedding Had A Pastel-Hued Decor & A Dreamy Bridal Entry 

Anupriya Khanna, 05 Nov 2019

Beachside weddings at an exotic location are no new thing. But when we spot one which is as grand as that of Deepika’s and Anushka’s, it’s hard to be ignored & put at the back seat. And that’s exactly what happened when we stumbled upon Viren & Kena’s magical nuptials in JW Marriott, Khao Lak, Thailand! From a sangeet that boasted of vivid hues,...