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Master The Bold Lip & Neutral Eyes With MUA Tanvi Chemburkar - #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 26 May 2020

Social Media is raging with the bold lipstick and neutral eye makeup look these days. It's sort of the easiest way of convincing anyone online that you're the most chill gal on their Gram feed when...

Bridal Makeup

Subtle Glam Look With Celebrity Makeup Tripti Malhotra - #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 21 May 2020

And while this subtle glam makeup has been around for a while, it had been sidelined thanks to the heavy glam makeup that celebs and brides love sporting these days. It is much more natural and...

Bridal Makeup

Master The Chic Lavender Eye Makeup Look With Sakshi Malik - #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 19 May 2020

Recently, as we took a dive into the eye makeup internet wormhole (a regular feat we like undertaking), and we had a revelation: lavender and lilac eye makeup look absolutely stunning. Irrespective of who dons it, the look is flattering across the board. Why you may ask? Because the colour hits a sweet spot, between bold and delicate, every time...

Bridal Makeup

Learn How To Nail A Glowy Makeup Look With Amrit Kaur - #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 15 May 2020

Amrit Kaur is a renowned makeup and hair artist, with her work base in Pune. Known for her flawlessly contouring and highlighting techniques and stunning eye makeup looks, Amrit is truly an artist...

Bridal Makeup

Learn How To Blush, Contour & Highlight With Arti Nayar - #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 13 May 2020

Professional makeup artists have been using contouring for years. With contouring, you have the ability to add more dimension to your face by adding shadows and highlights, playing up your cheek...

Bridal Makeup

DIY Bridesmaid Makeup Look With Jasmeet Kapany- #SSQuarantineSessions

Shivani Singh, 12 May 2020

While it is always nice to get your makeup done professionally, sometimes you're so caught up in helping with the arrangements, that you don't have time to hit the salon. So, for the latest edition...