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Bridal Makeup

10 Common Makeup Mistakes every Newlywed Bride makes but It's time to STOP!

Anupriya Khanna, 21 Aug 2018

Dear newlywed bride, after months of hunting and stacking your bridal vanity kit with some of the best BB & CC creams, long-lasting lip colors and all the other necessary makeup essentials, it’s finally the time you get to experiment with it (because too many dinner invites lined up!). But before you begin, we’d like to share some of the most co...

Skincare Tips

Cruelty-free Makeup & Skincare Brands to consider for your Bridal Makeup & Trousseau

Bhavika Vallecha, 11 May 2018

It's always a better idea to be conscious of the products we use in our lifestyles. Not merely the ingredients are being used to make the products (whether edible or non-edible products) but we should also be aware of the process they undergo to be on the retail shelves. Now talking specifically about makeup and skin care, there are a lot of bra...

Skincare Tips

Best BB & CC Creams to stack in your Makeup Trousseau Right Away!

Shivani Malhotra, 17 Mar 2018

Ladies! Aren’t we all living in the golden age of base makeup? Foundations used to be our time-tested classics, but are now losing utility over newbies—BB & CC creams. It's time we switch to time-saving products as lightweight bags are the new ‘home-coming’.They’re perfect to incorporate into your daily beauty routine whether it's for smaller we...

Bridal Makeup

Get Valentine's Ready With Not More Than 5 Makeup Products

Bhavika Vallecha, 10 Feb 2018

This is the most special week for couples who are in their courtship period or are celebrating their first Valentine's Day after getting married. This special occasion calls for some special decking up, but but but without going over the top. To make sure you don't overdo your Valentine's day makeup we have compiled some makeup products, enough ...

Bridal Makeup

How To: DIY Your Makeup For Smaller Wedding Ceremonies

Aditi Bachhawat, 19 Jan 2018

We know how tempting it can be to want to hire a professional makeup artist for every small function leading up to the wedding, helping you survive flash photography and never-ending festivities, even if it gives a big blow to your budget. But you know what, that wouldn’t be necessary when 100s of Beauty YouTubers have got you covered!We have li...

Bridal Makeup

Makeup Artist Aakriti Kochar Reveals Winter Makeup Trends

Simran Keswani , 06 Jan 2018

Because winter season is here, it is time for us to shake our beauty routines and stock up some new makeup products *Here we come, Sephora* Bid adieu to bare looks and welcome the pop of the colors because this colder season it’s all about the work of art. And with that being said, you better choose your makeup wisely. Whether you're the bride, ...