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Cute Comic Book Wedding Invitation Card That is ADORABLE!

Chandni Kumar, 10 Feb 2020

Today, I am not going to give you 'gyaan' on what to wear & which jewelry to match with your bridal lehenga but something more unique & different that you haven't seen before. Remember those good old school days where you used to have fights with your BFF, shared your lunch boxes with your gang & waiting for your love outside the lunch break or ...

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Start Your Shaadi Countdown With These Royal Wedding Invites

Rashmi Jayara, 08 Dec 2019

Spouse-to-be is ready, the date has been fixed and a grand venue has been selected! The first idea of how grand your wedding will be can easily be guessed by your guests with only one thing—Wedding Invites! The wedding invite is the first thing that makes an impression of the couple and their families. The market is filled with extraordinary sty...

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21+ Wedding Invitation Designs that are not your Basic 'Shaadi ka Card'

Anupriya Khanna, 29 Jul 2019

Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding celebrations. They not only set the right kind of vibe for your wedding day but also speak volumes of all the amazing things & wedding activities one can look forward to! So why not make them as innovative as you can?! Instead of vouching for those same old palki wedding invites in h...

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Just In: This Hand Embroidered Wedding Invite is Our New Favourite

Anupriya Khanna, 10 Jul 2019

Wedding invites are no more the same old paper cards enclosed in envelopes, communicating the mandatory date, time, venue, the couple’s name, etc. They are getting prettier, quirkier and a lot more creative with each passing year. And we’ve pretty much shown you that by introducing the best of the best!Time and again, we’ve bombarded you with so...

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This Tool Box Invite is the Craziest Wedding Invitation we've seen in a while!

Medha Chawla, 19 Oct 2018

Unique wedding invites are all rage and time and again we come across some very quirky wedding invitation styles that leave us amazed Every.Single.Time! Right from cassette style inserts to a snake-ladder wedding invite—we have seen them all and spoilt you for choice with a sack full of options. However, not even in our wildest dreams, we could ...

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18 extraordinary styles for Wedding Invitations that caught our attention!

Bhavika Vallecha, 23 May 2018

Everything has a new version in weddings these days then why put wedding invites on the back seat?! Cliched wedding invites do make it to the houses but not to the hearts. If you're a couple who is focusing more on creating an x-factor out of every element in your wedding, don't forget to include the wedding invites on that list. Here's showing ...