Grooms Fashion

Groom Fashion

22 Grooms Rocking Tuxedos Other Than Black & Grey

Shivani Singh, 25 Jul 2020

Colourful tuxes are remarkable and probably one of the best choices for grooms who wish to add a little more zest to the wedding, and even shift from the age-old love for monotonous colours...

Bridal Fashion

8 Best Websites And Places To Rent Your Wedding Outfits

Rashmi Jayara, 19 Mar 2020

If you are also the one who has made up their mind and wants to rent their bridal outfit, trust us, you have made the right choice. It not only saves money but also helps in fulfilling our desire...

Wedding Planning

How To Integrate RED Colour in Your Wedding - #SSGoesColourful

Rashmi Jayara, 06 Mar 2020

Coming now to your FAV colour! When we talk about love and romance, there is only one colour, which comes to our mind. RED! As we all aware, red shows affection like no other colour. In our...

Bridal Fashion

Trend Alert: Dyed Outfits For Brides & Grooms Who Wants To Go Colourful!

Rashmi Jayara, 05 Mar 2020

While researching for the latest trends for your bridal fashion, we came across a very fascinating technique, The Dye Effect! We all must have heard this term but don’t understand what it is. This...


#ShaadiSagaSquad: What We Wore This Wedding Season!

Rashmi Jayara, 01 Mar 2020

ShaadiSaga has always played the role of #1 Wedding Planner in your life. We have always tried to bring out the best ideas that you can incorporate in your wedding. From bridal fashion to wedding invites, we have always curated the latest things for you. But aren’t you curious what we wore this wedding season? After giving you all the ideas and ...

Groom Fashion

Take Inspo From These Couples Who Colour-Coordinated Like A Pro

Tanya Baisoya, 04 Dec 2019

It is almost inexplicable how stunning do couples look when they colour-coordinate their outfits! And, if, we talk specifically of couples who rocked their colour-coordinated wedding outfits, believe us, you will all be head over heels for their looks. From the gorgeous pinks and reds to the bright yellow and elegant ivory, we have got all the b...