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30+ Groom Outfit Photo Ideas That Are Fun & Quirky To Add in Your Wedding Album

Chinar Ghorawat, 31 Aug 2020

For the groom, the list is rather limited and therefore quirky and fun ideas make for a good wedding album. That's why we’ve put together some of the best ideas on groom outfit photos to help them...

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Latest Outfit Inspiration From Ayushmann Khurrana For 2020 Grooms

Rashmi Jayara, 20 Mar 2020

We have inculcated his best looks, for every wedding function. Bookmark ShaadiSaga and get ready with your trending outfit inspiration from Ayushmann Khurrana 2020.

Groom Fashion

Latest Outfit Colours That Grooms Should Opt For 2020

Rashmi Jayara, 27 Feb 2020

Every year we eagerly wait what's going to come in our inbox so that we can inspire our #brides and #grooms with something unique & different for their wedding. Earlier, brides used to wear only red colour on their wedding day as it was considered to be a traditional colour. But with changing times, we spotted so many real brides ditching the re...

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9 Stores/Designers Every Groom Should Bookmark For His Wedding

Rashmi Jayara, 18 Dec 2019

There is no denial in the fact that when it comes to Indian Weddings, only brides are given special attention. All the concerns revolve around them only. What will they wear, how elegant jewellery would be and what type of makeup will be done—it is all about brides, DUH!In the chaos of all the planning and trends, we often forget the other halve...

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Scouting For Groom Jewellery? We Got 5 Best Delhi-Based Stores For You

Shivani Singh, 21 Nov 2019

When it comes to grooms jewellery fashion, we've realised that there is hardly any information in terms of the latest trends or where to buy them from. In fact, jewellery for grooms, though highly in vogue, is not really addressed. And while the list of amazing options for wedding shopping is endless, mentions of jewellery stores for grooms is e...


Glamorous Wedding of this Fitness Trainer has us in High-Spirits!

Anupriya Khanna, 06 Sep 2019

Sometimes your life partner is sitting just ahead of you in your classroom & you don’t even know you guys were destined to be together for a lifetime. And that pretty much sums up Snehi and Bhagya’s love-tale! The childhood sweethearts became the best of friends in school, spent every waking hour together and went their separate ways only to rea...