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Seal the Deal: Fabulous Engagement Rings For Brides in Under 40K

Anupriya Khanna, 14 May 2019

Already dreaming of that special moment when your man goes down on his knee & slips that dazzling rock on your finger? Also, dreading if he'll be able to pick that perfect sparkler for you or not? Well, we can feel you! An engagement ring is one of the most precious keepsakes of your marriage. Apart from holding traditional significant value, it...

Wedding Rings

35 Striking Engagement Rings we Spotted on Real Brides

Divya Arora, 13 Apr 2019

A woman's love and admiration for her wedding ring, for that sparkly rock or glistening band on her finger, is as eternal as the stars and well, why shouldn't it be?! After all, it's not only one of the most gorgeous reminiscents of her married life but, also a statement piece of jewellery that she's going to wear forever. Be it a simplistic ban...

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25+ Unique & Artsy Ideas to Get your Engagement Rings Photographed

Divya Arora, 08 Jan 2019

For all the shine and sparkle that they gleam with, and for the huge investment that you've made in them, your wedding rings deserve to be photographed phenomenally. And as much care you've put into buying these symbols of love, adhering to how exceptionally they're being captured is essential too. Photos of your engagement rings are the "must h...

Wedding Rings

15 Classic & Trendy Engagement Ring Designs for your Man!

Divya Arora, 09 Jun 2018

YAY! Now that your wedding dates are finalized we know you’d only be curious to officialize it on Instagram flaunting your engagement rings. But, before anything, you got to select ‘THE’ perfect ring.As exciting as it sounds, the search for that perfect ring for your man is no less than a task. From searching for designs and ideas online to hopp...