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The Prettiest & Pinkest Flamingo Wedding Decor Ideas We're Fancying RN!

Divya Arora, 13 Jun 2019

Adored for their poised stature, grace, and sheer beauty, Flamingos are an epitome of fancy flamboyance drenched in pretty vivid hues (read: pink). Much like our weddings breathing opulence, elegance, and subtleness all at the same time for that matter. No wonder, whenever we come across a blend of these two vibrant and exuberant worlds, we're l...


This Couple's Gurgaon Wedding is a Floral Paradise & We Couldn't Agree More

Divya Arora, 11 Jun 2019

Ever wondered what makes a wedding all lively, spirited and such a heart-warming celebration? Well, of course, the decor, the delectable food and games are an integral aspect of what makes a wedding so vivacious. But, what actually sets the tone for the entire celebration is the sheer love and happiness pouring out from everybody's hearts. It is...

Decorating Ideas

9 Times Pineapples were the Edgiest Decor Elements at Weddings!

Medha Chawla, 07 Jun 2019

You may totally hate it as a topping on a pizza but trust me, pineapple decor pictures will make you go drooling! Don't be surprised, we are back with another unique decor element that we recently laid our eyes on. This time it is pineapple! This sour-punking fruit with unusual and eye catchy visual appearance is making it big in the wedding dec...


Classy Udaipur Wedding with Royal Decorations & Stunning Outfits

Divya Arora, 01 Jun 2019

Nothing makes us happier than seeing brides and grooms celebrate the happiest day of their lives in unique ways wherein, the elements of the wedding have been inspired by us and our blogs. Because after all, that's what we aspire to do—aid you in planning your wedding in the best and trendiest of ways. Such is the wedding of Priyanka and Neal th...

Decorating Ideas

Bizarrely Interesting Coconut Decoration Ideas for Rituals & Favours

Shreya Gupta, 30 May 2019

Did I hear decorating coconuts? Oh yes, you did! We were aloof of this wedding element too, trust us! We had the exact same reaction when we first discovered this trend & oh boy, it’s fancyyy!! Despite the fact that coconut is a part of every Indian wedding, did you ever think about adorning it with stones and ribbons? Whether you call it chic o...


Swanky Antalya Wedding of this Blogger Boasted Lush Decor & Designer Outfits

Anupriya Khanna, 29 May 2019

Nothing can beat a lavish Antalya wedding set amidst larger-than-life decorations and a pool of drool-worthy elements. Especially when the bride herself is a wedding blogger whose life revolves around everything weddings, you can't expect it to be anything short of a fairytale.Meet Namrata (Co-founder of Bridal Affair India and a dentist) & Taru...