Decor Ideas

Decorating Ideas

#TrendAlert: Archway Decorations Are The Prettiest & We Show You How!

Anupriya Khanna, 17 Nov 2019

Want your guests to go all gaga as they enter your wedding venue? Then you just can’t get your wedding decorations done without a whimsical archway. Arches, whether wooden & rustic or bedecked with colourful blooms, are the best bet when it comes to giving your wedding entrance a hep makeover. They not only make for a terrific decor element but ...

Decorating Ideas

25+ Ethereal Decor Ideas For Your Insta Worthy Christian Wedding

Rashmi Jayara, 11 Nov 2019

Don’t you love the beautiful decor assembled in pretty colours? Weddings in India is all about it. How the tables will be arranged, what colour will be the tent of, which flowers will be used—everything is decided with much perfection. Indian fat weddings mean ‘grand’ celebration. From decor to food, everything is just OTT. But when it comes to ...


This Thailand Wedding Had A Pastel-Hued Decor & A Dreamy Bridal Entry 

Anupriya Khanna, 05 Nov 2019

Beachside weddings at an exotic location are no new thing. But when we spot one which is as grand as that of Deepika’s and Anushka’s, it’s hard to be ignored & put at the back seat. And that’s exactly what happened when we stumbled upon Viren & Kena’s magical nuptials in JW Marriott, Khao Lak, Thailand! From a sangeet that boasted of vivid hues,...

Decorating Ideas

11 Peppy Home Decor Ideas For Your Pre-Wedding Functions

Rashmi Jayara, 23 Oct 2019

As the wedding day comes closer, the house becomes a menace in terms of all the functions and rituals. Even after planning a lavish wedding in some grand palace, we prefer to have some pre-wedding rituals in our house only. Not only it stops us from splurging money, but also makes it an intimate affair. Rituals like pooja, kirtan, mehendi, haldi...

Decorating Ideas

Spectacular Mandap Decor Ideas for Every Kind of Wedding

ShaadiSaga, 27 Sep 2019

When you decide to get married in a particular setting be it an indoor banquet, a resort or a beach, your mandap doesn’t only have to be the most gorgeous spot but, it also has to complement everything in your wedding, the decor, the lights, the venue. Can you imagine a blingy mandap with the backdrop of hills? Jeez, that would totally kill the ...


Royal Muslim Wedding with the Bride in a Ravishing Manish Malhotra Lehenga

Medha Chawla, 23 Sep 2019

Some weddings are so picturesque and opulent, that they leave you gasping for air! And the celebratory wedding of Tariq and Aytal was no different. With all the ceremonies drenched in sheer luxury and the couple's wedding wardrobe boasting of some top-notch couturiers - their nuptials were truly an extraordinary affair. What further floors us is...