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This Colourful Wedding With Stunning Decor & A Gorgeously Dressed Bride Will Take Your Breat...

Shivani Singh, 15 Sep 2020

When Subha and Sidhant were introduced to each other, their lives changed forever. Though tied together in a knot of arranged marriage, the couple found much in common with each other- more than...

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32+ Jhoola Decor Ideas For An Intimate Wedding That'll Add The Cutesy Element!

Shivani Singh, 04 Sep 2020

Jhoolas make for amazing additions to a wedding function. And when it comes to intimate weddings, having a jhoola at home helps a lot with the decor. To make it the quintessential cutesy element...

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From Trash To Treasure: 18 Ways To Reuse Old Material As Wedding Decor

Shivani Singh, 02 Sep 2020

Upcycling is one of the best ways to decorate an intimate wedding setting. You can use the simplest items at home and create custom, personalised decor items. It's probably one of the best ways of...


15 Sanitiser Stations At Intimate Weddings We're Head Over Heels For

Shivani Singh, 11 Aug 2020

While some setup sanitiser stands and tables for easy use, others pack it up in cute hampers to gift to their guests. The endgame to it is that sanitisers are a must at weddings now. So why not...

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16 Unique Decor Elements in Weddings That We Absolutely LOVED

Shivani Singh, 23 Jul 2020

Of all the wedding decor we've witnessed in the past, there are always a few elements that are new and unique, which stands out and catches our eye. Every wedding comes with something new...

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25+ Latest Beach Wedding Decor Ideas For Your Upcoming Wedding Day!

Rashmi Jayara, 08 Jul 2020

Unfortunately, many couples had to postpone their destination wedding but let us assure you that sooner or later you can make your dreams come true with no virus affecting your stunning wedding. So...