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Spectacular Haldi Ceremony Looks of 20 Real Brides that we're Fancying over!

Divya Arora, 24 Mar 2019

Brides have come a long way from slipping into their old to-be-discarded outfits to aesthetically dolling up for their haldi ceremonies that are a paradigm of zesty and joyous wedding celebrations. Be it dolling up in prettiest of lehengas or ornamenting themselves with the most gorgeous floral jewellery, brides of today are all game for making ...

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30+ Beautiful Chikankari Lehengas that are too Good to be Missed!

Anupriya Khanna, 23 Mar 2019

Being one of the most popular and traditional embroidery styles, Chikankari, introduced by the Mughals, is one classic handwork that is a favourite amongst every Indian woman. Known for their sheer elegance and rich look they exude, chikankari outfits are almost every Indian couturier's cult weave for decades now. Even though chikankari only sta...

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17 Brides Who Wore the Prettiest Suits for their Wedding Ceremonies

Medha Chawla, 21 Mar 2019

As a bride, your wedding trousseau must not be limited to quintessential lehengas and sarees. There would be functions where you would want to be at your comfort best and chill around in your truest carefree self. And oh, let's not forget the endless pooja ceremonies where you sure wouldn't want to be decked up in sarees or lehenga. So, that's w...


Magical Decor & Designer Outfits: This Couple's Wedding Left us with a Lasting Smile

Divya Arora, 18 Mar 2019

The wedding that you're going to get bowled over today is one of our most favorite weddings we've featured on the blog. Not just for its aesthetic and dreamy look, but also for how this couple embarked upon this journey years ago in a total filmy style. Looking at their happiest (and stylish) best throughout their wedding revelries, Ritika & Aks...

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11 Trendy Ways to Infuse Roses in your Wedding (No, not just decor!)

Divya Arora, 14 Mar 2019

Adored for their rejuvenating aroma, their aesthetic beauty and their overwhelming charm, roses are an immensely prevalent element in a wedding scene. The serenity and elegance they add to every wedding aspect they are incorporated in, is apar breathtaking. Magnificently incorporated in the wedding decor in varied forms like cascading ceilings, ...

Bridal Fashion

14 Prettiest Red Dupatta Designs to amp up your Bridal Lehenga

Divya Arora, 12 Mar 2019

With the bridal fashion scene witnessing constant and phenomenal freshness and unique trends over the years, we believe that bridal wear inspirations are endless. With even the tiniest of details and elements being modified and quirked up, there's certainly no end to how huge aspects of feminine wedding outfits can be amped up. Be it draping the...