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Glamorous Wedding of this Fitness Trainer has us in High-Spirits!

Anupriya Khanna, 06 Sep 2019

Sometimes your life partner is sitting just ahead of you in your classroom & you don’t even know you guys were destined to be together for a lifetime. And that pretty much sums up Snehi and Bhagya’s love-tale! The childhood sweethearts became the best of friends in school, spent every waking hour together and went their separate ways only to rea...


Boisterous Ludhiana Wedding of a Decorator Bride in Jaw-Dropping Looks

Anupriya Khanna, 30 Aug 2019

When wedding connoisseurs decide to get married, their entire wedding glory speaks for itself. There is a burst of colours, high-end designer outfits, grand decorations, heart-warming performances and so much more in their kitty to treat one’s eyes. Such was our darling decorator bride, Tanvi Puri’s (Founder of Tanvi & Co.) stunning Ludhiana wed...

Bridal Fashion

From Minimal Reds to Refreshing Teal, Best of Sabyasachi's New Collection

Anupriya Khanna, 08 Aug 2019

Yeah, we know it’s been a few days since the most celebrated couturier, Sabyasachi unveiled his winter 2019 bridal collection ‘Charbagh’ and sent us into a magical world of sheer opulence. All this while, we were so much in love with every ensemble that it took us some time to come up with our favorites from a sea full of eclectic designs. So he...

Bridal Fashion

Dramatic & Embellished Sleeve Designs For All Your Bridal Outfits

Manavi Chauhan, 22 Jul 2019

Long gone are the days when sleeves were just an extension of the blouse or meant merely to cover one’s bare arms. Sleeves today are a style statement of their own and often the perfect contrasting element to a blouse. It is often said that “it’s all in the details” and we couldn’t agree more. The look of the sleeves can completely transform the...


Magnificent Jaimala Designs for Couples who Don't shy Going Big & Bold

Manavi Chauhan, 19 Jul 2019

One of the most magical moments of a wedding is undoubtedly the jaimala ceremony. Other than being the gateway ceremony to commence one’s nuptials, it is by far the most intimate and personal memory of the bride and groom. For those few minutes, it really does feel like their electrifying chemistry has made time itself stand still and leaves you...


Breath-taking Jim Corbett Wedding with Outfits & Decor for Keeps!

Medha Chawla, 19 Jul 2019

"In a sea of options, colours & cuts, I wanted outfits that would make me outshine all mainstream wedding albums and magazine wardrobes," this statement by the bride herself perfectly highlights the USP of this wedding. Bride Sarvottema has been all over the Internet for her stunning outfit choices. She bashed all the quintessential bridal fashi...