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The Realest Piece of Advice We Want to Give you for your Second wedding!

Manavi Chauhan, 03 Aug 2019

If you thought second marriages were a rare occurrence, try to think of the last time you attended a second wedding? Second marriages have always been a touchy topic around here in India. They are usually dealt with in a hush-hush sort of manner, sometimes despite the wishes of the happy couple. Sometimes it’s concealed as if it were a very shad...


9 Useful & Calming Tips Every Anxious or Introvert Brides-to-be Must Read

Divya Arora, 26 Jun 2019

The tag of being a bride-to-be comes along with its own share of jitters and anxiety. Be it about how everything is going to work out, about the fact that you're finally getting married or if you're someone who hates being the centre of attention and panics even at the thought of that. We know how all that nervousness and stress leaves you unabl...


10 Unwanted "log kya kahenge" Wedding Advice you must Totally Ignore!

Divya Arora, 10 Mar 2019

Your wedding dates getting finalized is the time when you actually set out on the overwhelming, exciting and emotional journey of your wedding madness. Right from nerve-racking preparations and an exciting shopping spree to loads of vendor meetings, outfit trial runs and parlour sessions, there's a lot to be done during this phase. Not to forget...

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9 Extremely Important Wedding Day Advice No one else will give you!

Medha Chawla, 29 Oct 2018

As soon as you announce your wedding, you are most likely to be bombarded with endless Shaadi Gyaan by your aunts and married sisters. Right from how to spice up things in the bedroom to where to find the best bridal jewellery from—you'll have all sorts of tips flowing in. But sadly, no one actually prepares you for the day of the wedding. The w...