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Sweat Before You Wed: Your Ultimate Pre-Bridal Workout Routine is Here!

ShaadiSaga, 14 Sep 2015

So, just a couple of months to go for the big day, and you’re still struggling with fitting into intricately embroidered choli you got designed with so much love, eh? You see, it’s only natural to want to look slim and trim at your wedding, and to be honest, seldom do you get a source of motivation as strong as this. But, know one thing though –a happy, glowing bride looks more attractive than a dull, anorexic one. Which one is it going to be for you? Today, let’s bust some myths on the pre-bridal fitness, and shift our focus on the more important aspects of the same. Whether you enrol into a gym, go for morning/evening jogs regularly, eat your heart out or go ballistic with dieting, what follows below is an account of the areas you must specifically focus on. Let’s begin, shall we?

Weight Loss

Photo Source: Viral4real Around 90% of the brides in this world fret over those extra pounds that make it hard for them to look their best at their wedding functions. We recommend, at least 45 minutes of cardio five times a week to level up the calories you intake. This could be in the form of jogging or brisk walking, skipping at home, or treadmill at the gym. Now, let’s assume you have three months in hand before the wedding takes place. Set a weekly target depending upon how many kilo's you wish to lose, and don’t budge from the routine. Shaadisaga Tip: Download fitness apps such as MapMyWalk to track your progress and calories burnt. Nothing motivates you more than seeing that on your smartphone, trust us.

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Belly Toning

Oh, to have an enviable midriff and look smoking hot in a saree! One of the biggest areas of focus in your pre-bridal fitness routine should be the belly. If you’re fraught with a bulging tummy, some ab exercises are in order, don’t you think? While cardio may help you shed that extra fat around your belly, it’s the toning that you need to work on.

Photo Source: Pinterest Now, as much as the world may recommend crunches and sit-ups, we at Shaadisaga believe them to be outdated and downright boring! So, here’s what you need to do –go to YouTube and search for P90X Ab Ripper X by Tony Horton. This brilliant 17-minute high-intensity ab workout covers everything under training your core; so much so, that you’ll start noticing results from the first week itself. The best thing is, you need absolutely no equipment, and can do this workout at home. Once done, conclude your ab workout with a minute of planking to target your full body for some killer toning. Shaadisaga Tip: Ab Ripper X is recommended only thrice a week for it involves high intensity ab training. Don’t stress your belly by performing the workout on a daily basis as it could adversely affect your core.

Yoga and Meditation for Glow

Photo Source: arogyamasthu Now that we’re sorted with pound shedding and body toning, it’s time to focus on your inner glow! As expensive as the bridal makeup you may choose for the wedding functions, there’s something extremely attractive about emanating a natural glow, won’t you agree? That glow, comes from maintaining your calm and inner peace with yoga and meditation. A variety of asanas help you achieve that, provided that you perform them on a regular basis. Here are three of the simplest exercises: a)      Cooling Pranayama: One of the simplest breathing exercises, pranayama involves physical and emotional cleansing, flushing out bodily toxins, and bringing about a natural glow on your face. Simply sit on the floor with your back arched, start taking deep breaths, and exhale softly in split-second breaks. Do this for 5 minutes non-stop. b)      Sheershasana (Headstand): A rather challenging pose, sheershasana ensures a long-lasting glow on your face, courtesy the immense blood flow downwards that enhances blood circulation in your face. Stand on your head, and if need be, lean on a wall for support, for at least 3 minutes. This process simulates a certain face lift, thereby, reducing wrinkles, and of course, lending a gorgeous glow to your face. c)      Halasana (plow pose): Following the afore-mentioned principle of forcing the blood to flow to your face, halasana involves lying straight on the floor, and slowly raising both your legs towards your face. The better you get at it, the better the blood flow in your face. Shaadisaga Tip: Perform these poses in open air during early-morning to breathe in fresh air. Yoga has more to do with cleansing and blood circulation than weight loss or toning. So, the fresher the air you breathe, the better your skin gets. Last, but not the least, compliment the above-mentioned workouts with a healthy diet, and for just a couple of months, please, please, stay away from fried stuff. Also, if your key focus is to lose weight, purchase a digital weighing scale, and weigh yourself daily. Nothing is as motivating as noticing a drop in your weight on a daily basis, even if it’s only by a few grams.

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