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Surreal Drone Shots are taking Pre-Wedding Photoshoot to New Heights

Aditi Bachhawat, 16 Mar 2018

The mother of all pre-wedding photoshoots - Drone shots are hitting it out of the ballpark with their outstanding cinematic ariel feels. Imagine getting that perfect shot from the sky of the two of you posing on a hilltop surrounded by rich greenery with the trail of your dress floating in the air. Or as you lay on a boat amidst clear waters, feeling like a Bollywood heroine as if posing for a romantic music video. Such a pinch-me moment right?!

Drone photography, because of sheer brilliance, is really making its way into the popular space in weddings by capturing pre-wedding togetherness from far-fetched perspectives and we got to say we are truly transfixed!

Here are a few real pre-wedding ariel shots of couples who took their photoshoot to new heights! (literally!)

Revelling on the cruise

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Bird’s eye view of you twirling on the roof of a fort

Losing yourself to the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks

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Walkway to paradise

All hearts for this shot in the emerald waters of Phi-Phi Islands

Etching your love on the sands

Striking a lovely pose on beaches of Bali cause they never fail to impress

Letting the love bloom like the beauty that surrounds

Hawaiian highway love

Stranded on an isolated island feels!

Heartfelt Folklore and two souls in love

With you main squads

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Somewhere off the road, in the fields

Playing your favorite sport

You’re my forever companion in the journey of life

Sailing through the waters with love for a company

You are my favourite view

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What are your thoughts on these shoots taken by drone cameras? We're loving it!