A Sweet & Simple #IntimateWedding of School Lovers Who Just Had 12 Guests!

Shivani Singh, 24 Jun 2020

The day you tie the knot is one of the most special moments of anyone’s life. After all, a wedding is one of the most powerful commitments that can be made between two people. However, ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, weddings and celebrations were put on a frenzy hold. 

And such was the case of Surbhi and Hitesh. Best friends since childhood and ready to be married this year Surbhi and Hitesh’s wedding preparations came to a halt when the pandemic caused the nationwide lockdown. Their story is worth the read, for they not only dealt with the ocean-wide distance between each other but also managed to hold their wedding amidst the lockdown. Scroll down below to read their story!

Introducing Surbhi & Hitesh's Lockdown Wedding

Surbhi and Hitesh had been friends since school, having dated each other for about 12 years. Their wedding had been planned for months and Surbhi flew all the way from Canada to have a wedding in India with all her friends and family. However, their plans took a 180 degree turn when the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

Their planning to date had been all virtual since they were oceans apart. However, when Surbhi arrived, all their planning became useless due to the pandemic. Though Surbhi made it to India without any hassle, the news of the lockdown disheartened everyone and the family thought of postponing the wedding to next year.  However, both the bride and groom were adamant about the wedding taking place this year. 

So, the couple decided to just wing it and hold their wedding right at their home. Once the restrictions eased on the lockdown a bit, the couple and their nearest family got together, which was about 12 people in total. With sanitizers and masks in place, the couple gearing up for their lockdown wedding. 

Surbhi wore her mother's wedding jewellery and had a bridal lehenga which was designed by her sister and crafted by a local vendor. Hitesh, on the other hand, wore a sherwani from the nearest market. The wedding venue, which coincidently the couple had fought over, was replaced by their living room. The rest of their family attended the wedding through video calling apps. 

Their entire planning, from professional photographers to wedding choreographies, etc, was replaced by their closest of kin, with everything being done at home. And so, once the entire place was set, the #PalsToNagpals wedding was in order!

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So, what do you think of Surbhi & Hitesh's impromptu wedding? Leave your thoughts in the comments for the newlyweds!