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13 Eye Makeup Colors that are Perfect for a Peppy Summer Bride

Divya Arora, 24 May 2019

Summer wedding styling as a bride is not only about choosing a lightweight lehenga, slipping into breezy outfits, opting for tied-up hairstyles or going lighter on your jewellery or makeup. It's also about playing with the colour palette in the most gorgeous and stylish of ways to look your effervescent best without this season dwindling down your charm. Speaking of which, experimenting with unique hues and tones isn't only about your outfits but, your makeup too wherein, the most common ways to infuse those tones is through the eye makeup.

Amping up those eyes with sultry eye makeup adds volumes of unavoidable charisma elevating your look further by multifolds. Be it shimmery eye makeup, the evermore smokey eyes or even simple subtle eyes, the wonders a striking eye makeup can do to your bridal look are no secret.

So, if you're a summer bridey and desire to have to your eye makeup game on point by incorporating some exotic and gorgeous colours, we suggest that you scroll through this blog. Be it bright and colourful hues or their mellow versions, we've put together all the best eye makeup colours for a wedding down here that you can opt for your eye makeup to make the most of being a summer bride. Check them out!

Unique Eye Makeup Colors for Summer Brides

1. This bride's look drenched in unicorn hues is perfect for summer engagement or mehndi. With pink eye lids and blue-green waterline, this color combination for eyes is so gorgeous!

2. Pop it up with bright hues like orange to add vividness to the summer vibe.

3. Blue is a forever color. Perfect for the day mehndi or sangeet or reception night, shimmery blue eyes are literally the show stoppers!

4. This pretty copper color with hints of rose gold is such a popular eye makeup color for summer weddings.

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5. To ace that glam cocktail look, how about a beautiful blend of peacock hues like blues and greens?

6. A serene or a shimmery mauve eyelid for a subtle yet glam engagement or reception look is super easy and vivid to carry.

7. Get your eyelids colored in green for a peppy mehndi-haldi look.

Source Shahid Naar

8. The blend of colors in this eye makeup is so breathtaking. We love how a light blue metallic eye is topped with a blue liner and yellow and blue waterline. So offbeat!

9. A dash of scintillating pinks makes for one of the best eye makeup colors for wedding in any season basically.

Source Prune India

10. The vibrancy of purples is undeniable and should be your go-to for an electrifying jazzy look.

Source Prune India

11. A pink and mauve color combination is yet another popular eye makeup option that you can choose for both day and night time ceremonies.

12. A stunning turquoise eye lid would surely end up being the highlight of your entire look, believe us!

13. And of course, one can never go wrong with a gold eye lid. Perfect for any season and any ceremony, there's no way gold eye makeup won't look radiant on you!


Let us know what colors did you find the most flattering for yourself!