In a world of Kim Kardashians, be a Rihanna. Where the makeup world was once infiltrated with sharp brows, harsh contour, and full coverage makeup, we are now witnessing an opposite effect where the term ‘soft glam’ has made its way to Instagram, YouTube, and everything in between. Makeup artists, from amateur to renowned celebrities, are demonstrating techniques that emphasise the face, rather than change it. And that has given rise to a new makeup trend lusciously named soft glam or subtle glam.

Should you get a little confused and please don’t be; subtle glam makeup is basically a monochromatic makeup trend that gives you that much sought-after celebrity glow sported by the likes of Rihanna and the Hadid Sisters. And while this subtle glam makeup has been around for a while, it had been sidelined thanks to the heavy glam makeup that celebs and brides love sporting these days. It is a much more natural and appealing look that gives the wearer a more natural-looking glow, rather than one that involves a heavy amount of highlighter.  

Therefore, for our latest take of the #SSQuarantineSessions, we have celebrity makeup artist Tripti Malhotra, who's here to show us the simplest way of achieving a subtle glam look!

Subtle Glam Makeup With Tripti Malhotra

Tripti Malhotra is a renowned makeup artist from Chandigarh, known for working with brides and celebrities alike. An exceptional and extraordinary makeup artist, Tript Malhotra is known for her ability to give brides the makeover of a lifetime for their weddings. 

So, for our latest #SSQuarantineSession, Tripti joined our Social Media expert in the live to demonstrate a very subtle soft glam look. With techniques that are easy to follow, Tripti creates a look with a handful of products. If you missed our live session, scroll down below, and check out.

Well, if this doesn't get you feeling all nice and refreshed, we don't know what does! Now, grab your makeup and start playing and creating amazing new subtle glam looks.


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Subtle Glam Look With Celebrity Makeup Tripti Malhotra - #SSQuarantineSessions

by Shivani Singh

Subtle Glam Look With Celebrity Makeup Tripti Malhotra - #SSQuarantineSessions