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13 Best & Hassle-free Styling Tips for Minimalistic Brides

Divya Arora, 01 Mar 2019

There are undeniably a plethora of styling guides flooding the internet for the brides who desire an all decked up or a glam bridal look. However, it gets a tad bit difficult for so many of the not-so-girly brides-to-be who are all hearts for minimal and simplistic styling. With little or no help available for them, these to-be-brides tend to go all clueless about how can they avoid decking up and yet look like an aesthetic bride. Being your thoughtful saviours, we've curated this blog especially for such brides who don't like being extra and desire an effortless and easily manageable bridal look.

We've created a head-to-toe styling guide which lets you in, on some latest easy styling tips for brides for a hassle-free and an uncomplicated bridal look. These tips and hacks would help you ideate your looks for all your ceremonies and choose what's best for you without much trouble.

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Head-to-Toe Styling Guide for the Brides Who Don't Want to Deck Up

Bridal Hairstyle

Keeping your gorgeous bridal hairstyles minimally accessorized and non-messy is your key. For your wedding day opting for a neat bun is what you should be considering. Messy buns, loose decked up braids or leaving those tresses open should be avoided as they need to be constantly managed. Having your hair in place would be a blessing. For minimally accessorizing it, have it lightly adorned with roses, or outlined with mogras or ornamented with stylish bun accessory.

For your pre and post-wedding ceremonies you can opt for ponytails or poker straight hair left loose.


Bridal Makeup

Try keeping your makeup minimal and not too flashy. Natural looking makeup that feels lighter on the skin with dewy flushed cheeks should be your go-to and is a great hassle free styling tip for brides. If you're comfortable with it then having little shimmer on the eyes wouldn't be that bad.


Bridal Jewellery & Accessories

Avoiding bulky jewellery and too many accessories is a forever hassle free styling tip for brides. Wearing lighter and smaller jewellery pieces or even skipping out on a piece or two like the huge naths, the maang tikka or the matha patti would be a great idea to miss out a load that you wouldn't want. Avoid layering up your neckpieces or bulky hand jewellery too.


The Chooda or Bangle Sets

Opt for a smaller chooda or bangle set if the bigger complete ones are too much for. That would add lesser or almost no weight to your entire look while keeping up with the aesthetic bridal look. Considering all the latest styles of wearing a chooda, this hack makes up for one of the latest easy styling tips for a bride.

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Yet another aspect of a bridal look that you can experiment with are your kaleeras. Instead of just entirely ditching them, choose smaller or floral kaleeras for yourself. Floral kaleeras are in vogue and are obviously lighter & unique while maintaining the authenticity of this traditional bridal accessory.

Source Prune India

Bridal Lehengas

One of the best styling tips for brides who dread decking themselves up is to choose a minimal and a lightweight bridal lehenga. Decked up bridal lehengas are obviously going to be heavy which is why opting for a lighter one should be your go-to. Minimal lehengas have always been in trend and so many brides' favorite. And if lehengas are just not your thing, you can choose to slip into a beautiful Anarkali suit just like our lovely sikh brides do.


Opt for Single Dupatta

The dilemma of choosing between a single or a double dupatta is a major one that brides go through. But for you, the choice should be as simple—a single dupatta! Managing double dupattas is undoubtedly going to be one helluva hassle for you which makes a single dupatta just the right option for you.

Source Prune India

Comfy Pre & Post Wedding Outfits

Ladies, know that you needn't slip into heavy outfits for all of your pre and post wedding ceremonies. Jumpsuits, crop top & palazzo sets, simplistic suits & lightweight gowns are some of the outfit ideas that you can choose amongst to keep it simple yet stylish.


The Footwear

Footwear that's comfortable and easy on your feet is a must for every bride for that matter. Opting for kitten or wedge heels, trying hacks that makes heels comfortable or choosing to slip into sneaker shoes for that matter is how you can style all your wedding looks for that matter.


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