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Still Thinking About Your Mandap Decor? Here Are 14 Gorgeous Ideas For You!

Neha Garg, 31 Oct 2016

Have you ever seen a Hindu wedding without a mandap? Unless of course you plan to elope with your partner and leave the rest of the world behind. When we are in charge of the wedding arrangements, we pay attention to almost every detail. Starting from the wedding theme, the finger-licking good food to the stunning decor, our focus is on everything but we often tend to overlook the mandap setup.

mandap is that holy place where you take those seven pheras and promise to be there for each other and also choose to be each other's soul mate for the next saath janams. Romantic much? In spite of knowing that this is the place where all the holy rituals take place and this is where the photographer-in-charge is supposed to capture some of the best moments of your togetherness, one often tends to forget that the mandap has to be an inch extra perfect. It forms one of the most vital part of your wedding after all. You just cannot miss out on that!

To ease things a little for you, we have compiled the best real mandap setup in this blog from where you can freely take the inspiration from.

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Opt for marigolds if you want to have an orange and yellow mandap decor


Image Credits: Dream Diaries 


Image Credits: Prism Lens Photography

And if you don't want marigolds but still want to go for orange and yellow mandap

1) Opt for mogra flowers and play with the lights in those colours


Image Credits: Neha Brackstone Photography

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2) With mogra flowers, you can also add bells and red roses and of course a bit of orange lights!


Image Credits: Shaadi Planners

3) For those who want only yellow decor, go for yellow and powder pink drapes


Image Credits: Candid Wedding Stories

For those who are looking for orange, peach and pink colour combinations for mandaps, here are some for you!

1) Peach drapes with a real chandelier

devika-narainImage Credits: Devika Narain

2) Pink, peach and orange drapes with flower hangings


Image Credits: F5 Weddings

3) Bright pink drapes with flowers


Image Credits: The Wedding Salad

Bright colours not your thing? No problem. We got you covered too. Here are some pretty pastel options for you

1) Feel close to nature with this kind of mandap and don't miss those flower hangings behind!


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 Image Credits: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks


Image Credits: Lin and Jirs

3) Lilac coloured drapes with mogra chandelier in between


Image Credits: Morvi Images

Got a traditional theme in mind? Here's an option for you!


Image Credits: Stories by Joseph Radhik

If you don't want to spend a fortune on mandap decor, go for a simple plain decor like this. Hang some mogra flowers just to make it look pretty!


 Image Credits: Vrutika Doshi