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Stay Warm And Stylish At Winter Weddings With These 11 Fashion Tips

Sanchita Kalra, 24 Jan 2017


Amidst all the wedding madness and search for the perfect outfit that you'll wear on YOUR wedding or your BFF's wedding, you might just forget that the wedding is in winter! Put that shimmery backless outfit aside, brrr, it's going to be so cold, man!

So what's a girl got to wear to stay warm without dropping to Indira Gandhi on the fashion scale?

Here are 11 nifty ways to keep yourself looking gorgeous without catching a cold!

#1 Go For Velvet

Image Credits: Aviraj Saluja

With velvet outfits, not only will you remain warm but it will also add a regal & royal touch to your look. And don't we all love the ultra-sheen and luxurious fabric?  If you don’t want "too much velvet" i.e. velvet lehenga AND velvet blouse, you can opt for:

  • A velvet blouse paired with a lehenga in different fabric or vice versa
  • Pairing a velvet dupatta with a non-velvet lehenga and blouse 

#2 Get Pockets On Your Lehenga 

Image Credits: Lakme Fashion Week Official

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Getting two side pockets stitched on your outfit will make some space for your hands to be super warm plus pocket means no unnecessary tension of carrying your lipstick and liner in a pouch. 

#3 Get A Full-Sleeves Blouse

Image Credits: Morvi Images

Don’t want to wear velvet or silk? Chalo, no problem. Just get a full sleeves blouse or a 3/4th sleeves blouse stitched to brave the chill!

#4 Opt For Lehengas With Long Jackets

Image Credits: The Cheesecake Project (L) and Sabyasachi Official Instagram/Sandip Das (R)

Long live the person who started this trend. Pairing your lehenga with a short or long jacket will not only make you look like a diva but will also keep you ultra-warm!

#5 Sarees With Jackets


9 yards of grace paired with a jacket = the ultimate wedding dressing goal!

#6 Wear Thermal Leggings Underneath Your Lehenga

Shh, nobody will get to know!

#7 Wear Thermals Beneath Your Blouse

The trick is to get a slightly loose blouse (or anarkali) stitched that is, of course, not backless so that you can easily wear a thermal inside to be comfy and cozy!

#8 Decide On A Silk Outfit

Image Credits: Bhumi & Simran Photography (L) and Arjun Tryst With The Camera (R)

If you’re not a fan of velvet, you can also go for a silk outfit because there’s something special about the age-old golden embroideries and rich zardozi work. You can opt for a silk anarkali, or a silk saree or a silk lehenga. 

#9 Matching Stole/Shawl

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or a guest attending the wedding, a matching shawl or stole to your outfit is the best thing to keep you toasty!

#10 Jutti's Over Open-Toe Sandals

Image Credits: Bhumi & Simran Photography (L) and Harsheen Jammu (R)

Yes yes, jootis, please! Ditch the open toe sandals and heels and go for jutti's instead so that your feet are covered and hey, you can wear a layer of socks as well! ;-)

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#11 Keep Blankets For Phera Time (Plus Hot Chocolate!)

Image Credits: Shaadi Squad

Whether you're the bride or the bridesmaid (in which case, tell your friend about this!), here's a winter wedding tip your guests will thank you endlessly for! Keep colourful blankets in a basket that your guests can grab during pheras. And while you're at it, add a hot chocolate counter, please? No? Okay, *let the vodka shots keep pouring!*

Featured Image Credits: Badal Raja

Have more ideas to keep warm at winter weddings? Share with us in comments below!

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