We’re back with another episode of our #SSQuarantineSessions, this time with the famous bridal makeup artist Pratishtha Arora! For this session, the sensational makeup artist got together with us to show us how to do a day to an evening eye makeup look without much hassle. The look was fuss-free and straightforward with stunning results!

A Fun Live Session With Celebrity Makeup Artist Pratishtha Arora

Pratishtha started priming her eyes with a concealer. While she used her favourite Tarte Shape Tape, she advised that you can use any eye shadow primer or creaseless concealer. Using a creaseless concealer is important as a base for your eyes as the eyeshadow sticks better, and if you were to apply eyeshadow on unprimed eyes, your eyelids might get oily and spoil the makeup. Blend the concealer with either your fingers, beauty blender, or brush. Using a beauty blender is always better, as it pulls off any excess moisture from your eyelids. Set the concealer with a dab of setting powder. 

(Pro Tip: Use a concealer slightly lighter than your regular shade.)

Pratishtha revealed to us that as a makeup artist, she prefers doing the eye makeup first and then the entire face’s makeup to avoid eyeshadow fallout. However, if you are doing your eye makeup after your face base, then just take a bit of translucent powder and put a layer of it underneath your eyes. This way, when you do your eye makeup and there is any kind of eyeshadow fallout, then you can easily brush it off later. However, the translucent powder can make your under eyes look brighter due to their baking properties, so you have to be quick with your eyeshadow blending.

Following this, Pratishtha revealed the makeup brushes she feels are extremely important while doing eye makeup. She recommended two brushes:

1. First being a dome shapes/round eyeshadow blending brush, and

2. Second, a flat eyeshadow brush.

Whenever you choose your eyeshadow brush, go for something with a natural hair rather than synthetic, as they blend well and pick products properly. Cleaning natural hair brushes is also easier, as you just need a brush cleaner to dust off the powder, followed by a spritz of isopropyl to sanitise.

For her eye makeup, Pratishtha pulled out her favourite Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette. She recommends, Makeup Revolution and Morphe, which are budget-friendly and excessively pigmented. The makeup artist told us and the viewers that it is essential to use an eyeshadow that has pigmented colours, irrespective of the price range. She showed the viewers how you can swatch and check the quality of eyeshadow to see if the colour payoff is good or not. 

Before beginning the tutorial, Pratishtha took us through the parts of the eye, so that it was easier for the viewers to follow. 

Eye Makeup For The Day-Functions

The makeup tutorial gets back into the details, where she started by applying a transition shade on her eyelids. The purpose of the transition shade is to give more dimension and gradation to the look, plus make it easier to blend out the other shades. The colour can be slightly lighter, generally rustic, earthy tones like browns. However, they can also be pinks and mauves, as long as they are close to your skin tone and not too over to the top like neons. 

  • Take the colour on the tip of your round brush, dusting off the excess, and start applying it on your crease, creating the shape of your eyes.
  • Ensure you follow your eye shape by blending the shade into your crease.
  • Avoid moving too close to the brow bone or the center or your eyes, otherwise, your eyes may look smaller.
  • Follow this with a darker colour of the same shade, and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes, blending it with your crease.
  • Make sure you don’t go towards the inside of your eyes, otherwise your eyes will look smaller. 

For the space left in the centre of the eye, the makeup artist takes a shimmer shade on her finger and applies it there. This technique makes the eyes look brighter and makes them pop out. The eyeshadow look for the day is complete with this step and can be followed with a light brush of brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line, instead of kajal. Since kajals can intensify the look too much for a day look, it is better to do a light brush of dark brown on the lower lash line. For the eyeliner, Pratishtha uses a gel liner from Recode USA, which can be smudged. Since the idea is to create a smudged eyeliner look, avoid using a liquid eyeliner or a kohl pencil that lasts for 6 or 12 hours. Follow this with brows and mascara and make sure you highlight your brow bone with a pale gold/ivory gold highlighter.

Application of the eyeliner completed the day look. 😍

Queries Answered By The Makeup Artist For The Day Eye-Makeup Look

Question: Which budget friendly setting powder would you recommend?

Answer:  NYX, Maybelline

Question: Which makeup brushes do you recommend?

Answer: Pro Arte, Morphe, Stila, MAC.

Question: What’s the ideal look for hooded eyes?

Answer: The look that we created today is ideal for hooded eyes. All you have to do is pop in some shimmer shadow in the center and a darker shade on the inner corner and outer corner. 

Question: What’s the best way to work with extremely oily eyelids?

Answer: Use a creaseless concealer, and make sure you blend it with a beauty blender and not your fingers, as the beauty blender will absorb excess moisture. Use a translucent setting powder to set the concealer. 

Question: Which Beauty blender do you recommend?

Answer: Plume, PAC.

Question: What should you do if you have dry eyelids?

Answer: Though dry eyelids are ideal for eye makeup, it is best to use minimal powder. Also, if the skin is flaky dry then put some moisturiser on the eyes before starting the look and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. 

Question: Is smokey eyes a good look on small eyes?

Answer: Yes. However, it depends on the kind of smokey eyes you do. It isn’t necessary to do jet black. You can do smokey eyes other than black as well. 

Question: How do you make two different eye shapes look the same?

Answer: If you’re planning to do eye makeup on the eyes of different shapes, then there are two recommended ways. Either do a full glam smokey eye or work with more neutral tones. Avoid using glitters that might attract attention to the eyes. 

Question: How do you make the colour show up more on the eyes?

Answer: Make sure that you’re using a well-pigmented eyeshadow. It is important to invest in a good eyeshadow if you’re looking for good colour pay off. 

Eye Makeup For The Night-Functions

Then, Pratishtha moved on to show how to take the existing day look into an evening look. 

Take your round blending brush and start with a mix of dark brown and black. The makeup artist revealed that she either uses a dark brown first or mix brown with black, as black doesn’t stick too well alone. Using the mix of black and brown shades, she applied it to her outer corner and blended it. This created a base for her black. She followed this with an application of black eyeshadow on the outer corner, blending it towards the crease of the eye. Make sure you blend your eyeshadow well, as the colours should not look too harsh. Taking more black on the tip of her blending brush, she applied it to the inner corner of the eye, avoiding the center. 

After a row of jokes about the kind of funny and loopy faces people make while doing makeup, Pratishtha moved on to retouch the glitter shade in the center of the eye, making it more intense to compliment the black eyeshadow. These shades add more depth to the eye, giving it a more smoked out look, ideal for evenings and nights. Following this, she applied a kajal on the waterline, then thickened it out a bit to the lower lash line, instantly smudging the look. 

“If you’re not smudging the kohl, don’t use the kohl,” smiling, Pratishtha made it a point to voice out her philosophy about the use of khol. The look is almost complete. For the evening look, you can curl your lashes, apply a layer of mascara, and apply false eyelashes on top for an extra glam effect. 

Queries Answered By The Makeup Artist For The Evening Eye-Makeup Look

Question: How to make your eyes look bigger if you have small eyes?

Answer: First of all, it’s not always necessary to make your eyes look bigger. However, if you are looking to make them look bigger than this technique, avoiding the use of black. You can also skip the kohl and use a nude or white coloured eyeliner in the waterline. 

Question: What’s the best way to avoid creasing concealers under the eye?

Answer: First thing first, make sure you use a crease-proof concealer. Also, don’t use too much concealer under the eyes. If you’re hiding dark circles, make sure to use a colour corrector and then concealer. However, overdoing the concealer is what may crease it later. 

(Pro Tip: Apply a thick layer of kajal on your waterline to distract the attention from your heavy dark circles)

Question: What are some of your favourite eyelashes and eyelash glue?

Answer: Ardell has great eyelashes as they come in all ranges and are of good quality. And for eyelash glue, DUO is the best, even if it’s a little on the pricey side. 

Question: Is it better to pair a smokey eye with a nude lipstick or a dark lipstick?

Answer: It depends on the kind of smokey eye you’re going in for. If you’re doing a dark smokey eye then go in for a nude lipstick. However, if you’re doing a subtle or light smokey eye then you can go in for a darker lip shade.

Question: How do you avoid foundation looking too dry or flaky on the skin?

Answer: The best way is to take care of your skin. If a moisturiser isn’t enough, use face oils. It is essential to take care of your skin, as makeup will not fill out any pits or pores in your skin. Your makeup can only cover about 10-15% of your pores. So, if you have enlarged pores or very dry skin, you need to do proper skincare for your makeup to look good. 

Question: What is a good dewy foundation?

Answer: Makeup Forever Ultra HD is a great dewy foundation. NARS Sheer Glow foundation is also nice. If you’re not using a dewy foundation, you can also use a strobe cream before the foundation or a liquid highlighter after the foundation. 

Question: How do you line watery eyes?

Answer: Avoid using a black eyeliner. Instead, go in for a dark brown or brown gel eyeliner. And you can add more intensity with an eyeshadow under the eyes. 

The session ended on a good note. Not only was this extremely informative for all the makeup buffs out there, but also a fun session where everyone picked up some pro techniques from the makeup artist. It was great to have Pratishtha Arora onboard for this live show and we hope to see her soon once more for another session. 


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Eye Makeup With Celebrity Makeup Artist Pratishtha Arora - #SSQuarantineSessions

by Shivani Singh

Eye Makeup With Celebrity Makeup Artist Pratishtha Arora - #SSQuarantineSessions