Splendid Real Wedding of Gujarati Couple Sweta & Meet, Celebrated With Love, Laughter & Garba

Neha Garg, 27 Apr 2015

Princess: Sweta (Dentist)

Prince: Meet Patel (Restaurateur)

Date De Mariage: 27th December’2014

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Saison: Very Chilled, but the warmth of Sweta & Meet’s love sustained the temperature

 Start with a smile!

Sometimes it’s just about love, from high school sweetheart to ‘madly in love’ couples, to being ‘Husband-Wife’, everything was like a ‘Cinderella story’ from the books. Sweta (our Bride), met Meet (Our Groom) during school days, the two met, fell in love and the saga began.

“It was exactly after 8 years of our relationship that we tied the knot. No, it has not at all been easy for us to get through everything, from the long distance relationship, to the extreme urge to meet him, to convincing my parents, our love has seen it all.  He taught me how to love and I never knew this form of love existed until I met him”, says the very lucky Sweta.

Sweta's most unforgettable moment with Meet

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Sweta recalls, ‘I am sure there are endless (smiling) moments that Meet has given me. But to be precise about one, then it is, when he sent a beautiful black dress for me on my birthday, with a card attached saying “Happy Bday Honey”. He bought that dress from his hard earned money through a part time job, that brought tears in my eyes’.

The Wedding Celebrations: The Gujarati wedding of Sweta & Meet has everything. From the Mehndi function to the Garba Night, to the Wedding Day and finally, The Reception, everything showcases the quintessence of love that these two beautiful souls share.

24th December 2014: Mehandi




25th December 2014: Ring Ceremony/Sangeet

MEET-SHWETA_DAY3_H-175Sweta is looking beautiful on her Engagement day, all thanks to her makeup artist, Niyati Shah for keeping her makeup so natural, yet, so elegant!


26th December 2014: Garba Night at Prasangam

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Haldi Ceremony





preach art

Neha (Preach Art) on Sweta (Our Bride): It was a grand wedding affair, and we loved flashing shooting with them. The happily in love couple, Sweta & Meet were seemed highly enthusiast, which can even be seen in the pictures. The charm of getting married to the love of your life, is another added advantage of these beautiful pictures. It was an amazing experience, and I wish the love multiplies with each passing day.

27th December 2014: Wedding at Luv-Kush Farm









A few words from Sweta on her very loving husband, Meet

Trust you me, I can ramble about him for days. He is the center of my gravity and living with him is a constant process of learning what love is. I can with assurance say that I have never met a man who can love so passionately and can express it to the core. First, it is my father and then, my husband. I Can’t thank my stars enough, for putting me in that lucky bunch of people.

Sweta Meet'

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I would really want to thank my twin brothers, Luv-Kush, who really made all this happen for me in a way even I had not imagined. I wanted a fairy tale wedding, they gave me a Royal one! My dad who in spite of being heartbroken on just watching me go away, put all his heart into this wedding. My mom who made sure everything was perfect for me.. Dresses, Jewelry, Makeup, even a napkin too. And, thank you everybody else who was a part of my most awaited day.

Shaadisaga wishes this beautiful couple a very happy life, full of love!


Photographer: Preach Art

Engagement Make up Artist: Niyati Shah

Wedding Dress: Shades (Designed by Pooja Keyur)

Wedding shoes: Jimmy Choo

Jewelry: Pooja Jewellers, Laxmi Jewellers, Arunbhai Jewellers, Sarkar jewels 

Wedding planner: Prasang Events