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15+ Joyous Songs For Sister Of The Bride/Groom

Rashmi Jayara, 21 Dec 2019

A wedding is unison between the bride and the groom. All the attention is only on them—what will they wear, how will they look and how grand their performances will be. But we always forget about the most important person in your life—YOUR SISTER! From making sure that everything falls in the right place to putting all her efforts to make the ceremonies fun, she will do it all. And when it comes to dancing, she is definitely in the front. 

So whether you are the sister of the bride or groom, here are the latest songs for all the sisters in the house. Groove up your moves and be ready for your most-awaited solo dance performance. Book your choreographer and start practising on these trending songs. 

Songs For The Sister Of The Bride/Groom

Show Your Playful Side With These Joyous Songs

1. Cutiepie

2. Morni Banke

3. Punjabi Wedding Song

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4. Ghagra

5. Chudi Jo Khanke

6. Kala Shah Kala

7. Makhna

8. It's Rocking

9. Navrai Majhi

10. Hum To Aise Hai Bhaiya

Dedicate The Song To Your Lovely Sister

1. Dilbaro

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2. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha

3. Gulabo

4. Desi Girl

5. Drama Queen

Show Your Feelings For Your Sweet Brother

1. Pyaara Bhaiya Mera

2. Chote-Chote Bhaiyo Ke

3. Peh Gaya Khalara

4. Nachde Ne Saare

5. Nagade Sang


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