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We all have stories in our lives. Some of the most memorable ones that people hold would be those of their weddings. Two lovely souls, Vipul & Sonal told us their wonderful wedding tale, we felt that we should share it for all our readers to enjoy.

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The best love stories have their foundations in the walls of college. This was true in the case of our protagonists as well.

While pursuing different courses in business, the two of them met through a common friend. Insert a few years of friendship and the two realized that they would hit it off really well. They’ve known each other for six long years now at the time of their wedding!

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As such, their memories too go a long way having spent a lot of time together –shopping sessions, movies, partying together with friends ,birthday gifts and long drives.  They hold their pre-wedding shoots one of the most memorable times spent together. Having been friends for a long time, the thought of marriage had never crossed their minds. Until one day, in very filmy style, when the two got had to spend some time apart , Vipul realized how life was incomplete without Sonal. That’s how the story went.

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The Wedding Swing:

"Roka Ceremony" took place on May 3, 2014 at Pacific Asia Hotel. The next few months were spend with preparations in full swing for the wedding.

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"Shagun": The families grooved to popular tunes and reveled in the coming together of these two “friends turned lovers”

D-Day "Wedding"

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The D day arrived on Jan 24.At City park resort in GT Karnal Road, where two were united in love.

Newly wed couple went off to the beaches and mountains of Australia and New Zealand on their honeymoon.

About Creative Wedding Photography (Wedding Photographer)

The wedding was perfect just the way it was. This wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for those at the background as well. Jitendra Arora clicked wonderful photos for them. Sonal says, “Jitendra is really good,  very friendly and has good knowledge about photography. He wants to give his best."      View Profile


About Jitin Rathore (Make-Up Artist)

Jitin Rathore who also earned praises from the couple –“  Jitin is a superb makeup artist. His fingers are just magical.He is so patient and did exactly what we asked for.”       View Profile

Credits for dressing up our bride, Sonal , in her favorite bridal wear goes to Ashiana Couture (Ankit Keyal) Chandni chowk.

IMG_08685 Thank You Sonal for sharing all the details of your love saga.. & wish you both a very Good Luck!!

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