Finding your partner is like finding the person your soul loves. And when two people who love each other with their souls tie the knot, their wedding rituals result in a wonderful union which is worth celebrating. 

That's why, whenever we witness a gorgeous wedding taking place, that too at a beautiful location like Abu Dhabi, we know that it's something that must be shared with all of our lovely brides-to-be! Of course, these destination weddings come with the added benefit of beautiful pin-worthy decor and outfits worth swooning over. And that is the story of Soma and Harsha - a couple that had a destination wedding in Abu Dhabi amidst the sun and sand where they held one of the biggest wedding celebrations we've ever seen. What's more, is that luck was in their bag as their wedding happened just a month before the global pandemic called out for lockdown in various countries! Scroll down below to check out their beautiful wedding. 👇🏻💑

Introducing Soma & Harsha's Gorgeous Destination Wedding in Abu Dhabi

Soma and Harsha first met each other at a Halloween Party where a common friend introduced them to each other. After that encounter with Soma, Harsha spent the next month trying to meet Soma, but ultimately the duo finally met again at another party. It was during this second encounter that the two started speaking and when they did speak to each other, their conversation lasted the entire night. After spending those hours together at the party, and exchanging a few sweet gestures towards each other, Soma and Harsha started speaking to each other every single day. The conversation bloomed into friendship which further turned into a tinge of romance when the two finally went on a date in December. The date then resulted in the two meetings every day for the next 14 days, which was bizarre for sure. 

However, those fateful 14 days that they spent together, meeting on and off, here and there, was what made them grow fonder of each other. Finally, in a masterstroke gesture, Harsha asked Soma out exactly at midnight on 31st December! Nothing was the same ever since then. "There are two cities that we hold really close to our hearts," Soma recalled, "Pune and New York."

While Pune was special to them for their first trip as a couple was to this city for a weekend getaway, whereas New York was where the couple spent almost one and a half year together! And even though life brought them against certain ups and downs, this duo sailed through them and finally decided to tie the knot!

Soma and Harsha finally had their dream destination wedding on February 26th 2020 at the Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, just a month before the COVID-19 lockdown came into full effect!

Fun-Packed Engagement Celebrations

The couple's engagement celebration which happened before their visit to Abu Dhabi with family and friends was a grand affair in all its entirety. With brightly lit decor and elements that catch the eye, the entire event consisted of an engagement mehndi, the engagement and an engagement reception. The bride and groom donned the most stunning outfits for every function, showing off their best looks! 🤩

The Most Flamboyant Wedding Celebration

The 3-day destination wedding was the amalgamation of the most fun-filled functions that encompassed the couple's sangeet, mehndi and wedding. For every function, the duo spared no expense, putting out their best foot forward, in the most perfect attire by the topmost designers. The entire celebration was full of colours, whimsical lights and unending music. And the best part? The bride and groom could be seen in various outfits during their wedding to mark all the sub-ceremonies of their South Indian wedding. Moreover, the bride looked like a gorgeous silhouette draped in the finest silks for every function of her wedding, mesmerising anyone who gazed at her. 

Post Wedding Cheers!

Post their wedding, the couple and their friends and family relaxed by the pool and bathed in the sun. Later on, the bride and groom walked out into the desert of the island, and with the most exotic animals amongst them, the couple had a gorgeous post-wedding photoshoot. 

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Photographers: The Wedding StoryOne Fine Day; Ashwin Kireet  | Bridal Makeup Artists & Hairstylists: Manasa | Bridal Outfits: Nish (Engagement Mehendi); Anushree ReddySabyasachi (Engagement); Tarun Tahiliani (Engagement Reception);  Papa Don’t Preach (Wedding Mehendi);  Dasari Parvathi (Wedding); Ikokoriko (Photo Shoot & First Dance); Suneet Varma (Sangeeth); Sabyasachi (Reception & Vratham) | Groom's Outfits: Shantanu & NikhilTarun Tahiliani (Engagement); Shantanu and Nikhil (Engagement Reception); JJ Valaya (Wedding Mehendi:); Kunal Rawal (Nallugu, Pellikoduku); JJ Valaya and Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding); Gaurav Gupta (Photo Shoot); Shivin & Naresh (First Dance); Kunal Rawal (Sangeeth & Reception); Tarun Tahiliani (Vratham) | Wedding Invitation: Radhika Pitti StudioEntertainment Company: DJ Nikhil, Niraval Band  


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Meet This Couple Who Had A Destination Wedding In Abu Dhabi Amidst The Sun & Sand! 

by Shivani Singh

Meet This Couple Who Had A Destination Wedding In Abu Dhabi Amidst The Sun & Sand!