Your wedding album is definitely incomplete without some epic picturesque bridal portraits. After all, you've put so much effort into putting together your trousseau, so all of it needs to be captured in solo shots in its truest essence, right?

A wedding album has to cover every aspect of a wedding celebration, and part of that wedding celebration is, of course, the bride. And we believe, a bride deserves a whole album dedicated to her solo shots. But since you cannot exactly have an entire album full of your solo shots, here are a few ideas you can use while getting your bridal portraits clicked! Plus these brides and their wedding photographers have done a phenomenal job at capturing these beautiful shots. Scroll down and check out all the different solo shots of brides that are not just breathtaking but inspiring in every way possible! 📸👰

Trending Solo Bridal Shots We're Loving

1. Under The Phoolon Ki Chadar

While it's customary for many brides to walk to their mandap under the phoolon ki chadar, there are so many brides in general that choose their bridal entries to be this way. After all, a phoolon ki chadar looks picturesque in every way possible. From palanquins covered in flowers to a typical chadar with flower nets or even umbrella's overflowing with flowers, the choices are endless and every bride under this pose looks fabulous no matter what!

2. The One To Display Her Makeup

The makeup close-up shot is an entity on its own. From showing off the bride's beautiful eye makeup to her dewy skin or the shade of her chosen bold lipstick, this particular close up always has us smitten. The bride's below surely know how to look alluring while shying away from the camera, which's the result is a bewitching solo shot. 

3. A Candid Unlike Any Other

Unposed, informal, playful and natural in every way, candid pictures of a bride capture her in her true essence. From moments of laughter to moments of pure joy or even moments of surprise and shyness, candid solo shots of brides are something that should always be in a wedding album. Unsure of it? Then check out these brides who've let their true and candid selves be captured in the best way possible!

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4. Bridal Veil Shots

Remember the pictures of your mother’s wedding with her face covered with a veil? This ultimate pose will never go old. Channel your inner traditional bride and pose with your dupatta as a veil. Trust us, this pose will make you staggeringly gorgeous and will surely leave every onlooker stunned. Honestly, aren't you mesmerized by these brides and their veil shots?

5. Bride's In Masks 

Masks are the new normal. So much so, that brides have chosen to match their masks with their outfits! And honestly, brides wearing masks are inspiring. Take these brides, for example, who've worn masks over their faces to not only comply with the rules but also show everyone that wearing it is the right thing to do in today's circumstances, even if you have to sacrifice a bit. Plus, you can proudly look back at these pictures in the future and claim that you beat a pandemic to tie the knot with your beau!

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6. Twirling Brides

Do you know what's our favourite solo bridal shot? Brides twirling in their lehengas! When brides-to-be ask us about what trends are ruling the wedding photography scenes today, we never forget to mention twirling photos to that list. After all, it's the perfect way to not only capture a fun picture but also show off the lehenga you've worked so hard for. And if you ever feel hesitant of getting a shot like this clicked, then ask yourself, "Are you even a bride if you do not twirl around in your bridal lehenga?"

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7. Uniquely Shot Bridal Portraits

The world's flourishing with fresh, Avant grade ideas for bridal portraits. Photographers are always taking a new step into redefining wedding photography for us, and we're not complaining. Bedazzling everyone with their new and unique ways of taking bridal portraits, these photographers prove that it's good to experiment!

8. Black & White Frames To Love

Black and white bridal shots are timeless. We've all seen black and white pictures from old family albums which have wowed us with their authentic and vintage vibe. And some frames just look gorgeous in black and white, don't you agree? A great example are these brides! Captured by their talented photographers into beautiful black & white frames that express the loudest of feelings, more than a coloured picture ever could!

9. The Quintessential Bridal Close Up

Every bride needs a few close up solo photos of herself to flaunt gorgeous jewels and her twinkling eyes and smile. Simple close-ups have an unbeatable charm about them. And these brides surely know how to flash a dazzling smile for the camera!

10. Mehendi Shots To Fawn Over

Now, we can all agree that the mehndi ceremony is unquestionably the most fun, colourful and vibrant of all the wedding ceremonies. As much of a joyous and bewitching the ceremony itself is, it is only fair to have it captured quintessentially in its truest sense. Though there are a myriad of elements to be captured at this function, our favourite is the bride in her quirky poses with her mehndi and her customised accessories!

11. Getting Ready Photos We All Love

Do you know what are some of the greatest moments we've witnessed while looking back on all the wedding albums we come across? The special moments right before a bride walks down the aisle to start a new life together. Basically, getting ready photos! 


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61+ Solo Shots of Brides We're Swooning Over

by Shivani Singh

61+ Solo Shots of Brides We're Swooning Over